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Cable access gains speed

Cable television giant Cox Communications will soon wire 100,000 more houses to the @Home cable access network.

Cable Internet access is creeping up on dial-up providers, as Cox Communications gets ready to wire 100,000 more houses to the @Home Network.

Cox @Home, as the service is called, is beefing up its cable Net service in the San Diego area, Cox said today. Last month Cox @Home offered the service to 80,000 residents.

The @Home Network uses cable lines to deliver Internet access at speeds "100 times faster" than analog phone lines--the infrastructure that bears most Internet traffic today.

Cox @Home has to compete with TimeWarner's Road Runner cable Net service, which is already available to more than 185,000 homes in San Diego.

A public demonstration will be held for potential customers June 14. The company said more than 2,000 people showed up at the last public demonstration, but Cox won't reveal actual subscriber numbers.

Product Manager Chris Boring said the interest in cable Net access is substantial. Pricing for Cox @Home is $39.95 per month plus an installation fee that ranges from $99.95 to $149.95.

"We are moving right ahead as previously planned," he said. "We will have covered half of the San Diego metropolitan area within the next couple of months."

Another deployment to 14,000 more homes in the area will be ready by next month.

@Home is owned by Cox, Tele-Communications Incorporated, and Comcast, as well as Kleiner Perkins. Individual cable operators are responsible for deploying the @Home Network.