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CA releases Windows Vista beta 2 antivirus app

CA releases Windows Vista beta 2 antivirus app

Although Microsoft is still days (or weeks) from making Windows Vista beta 2 available for download, security company CA is offering an antivirus product designed for the new operating system. Because of kernel changes within the new Windows OS, all security companies will need to redesign their antivirus protection. CA becomes the first to offer its eTrust EZ Antivirus app to Windows Vista beta 2 users, who can install the antivirus app from the site This is a one-year free subscription, including updated antivirus signature updates and unlimited 24/7 Web technical support. Currently available in English only, eTrust EZ Antivirus for Windows Vista beta 2 will be available in German and Japanese starting June 1, 2006. The limit is one free one-year trial subscription per household.