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Tech Industry

CA joins the Liberty Alliance

Computer Associates follows Intel and Oracle in signing up to the group proposing an alternative to Microsoft's Passport.

Computer Associates on Tuesday became the latest company to sign up for the Liberty Alliance Project, following similar announcements from Intel and Oracle the previous day. For many, joining the Liberty Alliance has become something of a political stick with which to beat Microsoft. The group, set up by Sun Microsystems, has an authentication standard in direct competition to Microsoft's Passport.

However, for CA the decision owes far more to covering all bases. Simon Perry, vice president of security strategy at CA, said: "There's a fairly simple reason for CA joining Liberty Alliance--that being that CA will support all authentication schemes that are proposed. It's important for our clients that we remain neutral and cover all alternatives." The Liberty Alliance authentication enables people to use one login for many Web sites or company servers.

Will Sturgeon of reported from London.