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Tech Industry

CA earnings set to beat estimates

Software giant Computer Associates announces that earnings for its fourth quarter will be higher than expected.

Software giant Computer Associates (CA) announced today that earnings for its fourth quarter will be higher than expected.

CA announced that it will report earnings per share of 75 cents for its fourth quarter, 4 cents above consensus analyst estimates compiled by First Call. Revenue for the quarter is expected to come in at $1.47 billion.

The preannouncement, based on results from the company's fiscal quarter ended March 31, represents a 25 percent jump in earnings per share over the same period during the previous year.

Revenue for the year is expected to jump 18 percent over the previous year, to $4.7 billion.

CA will formally announce earnings May 19. The company chose to prerelease earnings to "dispel erroneous reports that surfaced around the time of the proposed Computer Sciences acquisition regarding the strength of its core business."

The preliminary results exclude one-time charges of $33.8 million related to CA's offer to CSC.

In related news, the company will announce the integration of BackWeb Technologies' server and client-based push system with CA's Unicenter TNG for software distribution. The new capabilities will be added for free and will be demonstrated at next week's CA World '98 user conference.