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Byte has a bot problem after just two days

The 6-second video app is working to fix a problem with bot-generated spam comments appearing on posts.

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Byte users are already complaining about bot-generated spam comments being left on their video posts.


Byte, the 6-second video app meant to fill the Vine-shaped hole in our hearts, reportedly has a bot problem just days after its release. The app was released on Friday for iPhone and Android, but users quickly returned with complaints about multiple bot-generated spam comments being left on their posts, according to a Sunday blog post from co-founder Dom Hoffman.

Hoffman, who was also one of Vine's co-founders, said the team is aware of the spam issues. 

"This is our top priority and we're working very hard to address it," Hoffman wrote. The team is making additional changes to the comment sections, like the ability to like, block, filter and limit comments, he added. The Byte team is also working on improving video moderation, the post noted.

"Once things stabilize, we'll be back to focusing on new features," he wrote. 

Byte began beta testing last April after Twitter shut down the Vine app in 2017. It is set to compete with social video app TikTok in the US market.

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