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Bypass the past with this heavy-duty blender

The KitchenAid Pro Line Chef's Blender is suited for repeated use in the bar and kitchen.

Built to work. Chef's Catalog

At some point for every kitchen gadget fan, it comes time to put away the kiddie tools. As we outfit our kitchens over time, we graduate from poorly made novelty devices to more usable constructs of higher quality. But then, sometimes these examples can fail us (or at least not provide us with all the power we need). While it might be nice to opt for the shiny ice cream milkshake blender, eventually the home chef needs to sacrifice nostalgia for quality.

The KitchenAid Pro Line Chef's Blender is a powerful machine designed to withstand everyday use. Featuring a motor that can operate at a peak power of one horsepower, this 48-ounce capacity blender is capable of working overtime. Perfect for entertaining, the blender whips up frozen drinks in as little as 20 seconds. More importantly, this bar blender is designed for repeat performances, providing strong-quality blending for your guests as long as the party is going.

But this blender isn't just designed for the rigors of bar use. In the kitchen, the commercial-grade polycarbonate pitcher stands up to everyday use, while the jar collar, blade, and seals are built right in for watertight, durable performance. A heavy-duty toggle switch controls the three-speed blender and adds the option to pulse on the fly. From air flow design that keeps the blender cool during repeated use, to an electronic sensor that adjusts power depending on the thickness of the ingredients, the features on this blender provide all the usability you need--and yes, it makes milkshakes, too.