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Bye! Bye! Windows on Mac. ies40x gives me all I need: IE7

Want IE but don't want Vista? Here's your chance.

It's very rare that I pine for the Dark Ages of my Windows years. But occasionally I'll stumble across a poorly designed website (alas, they're all soccer sites and, hence, very important :-) that is Internet Explorer-only. I'm not sure how anyone manages to commit a crime like that anymore when Firefox has such a large market share, but anyway....

Well, today I stumbled across ies40x, a program that allows me to run Internet Explorer on my Mac without launching Parallels (virtual machine) or rebooting into Windows using Apple's Boot Camp.

Installation is apparently slightly involved, but people are reporting installs in 10 minutes or so, so I'll plan for 30 and will hope to never have to boot into Windows again. Thanks, Lifehacker!