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Bye bye to BlackBerry and The IT Crowd in Podcast 357

Is this the end for BlackBerry? It's certainly the end for The IT Crowd, so we pay tribute to our favourite geek-tastic laughfest.

Is BlackBerry doomed? It's been a black week for the Canadian company, leaving us pondering what went wrong. And we turn it off and turn it back on again for the final time as we bid a fond farewell to The IT Crowd.

The final episode of The IT Crowd is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm -- straight after Marvel-tastic Avengers spin-off Agents of SHIELD for a perfect storm of geekery -- so we bid farewell to hapless nerds Roy, Moss and Jen with a sprint through the best moments from the show that put the 'IT' in 'sitcom'.

As well as pondering why things have gone so wrong for BlackBerry, we ask why even Samsung can't see the point of the Galaxy Gear smart watch, and shake our heads ruefully at Bill Gates' admission that Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake.

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