<b>Word Perfect bug; SAM bug - readers offer clarifications

Word Perfect bug; SAM bug - readers offer clarifications

WordPerfect Regarding the Word Perfect platinum appearance bug (mentioned here Monday): Kurt Kroeger writes that there is a second 3.5.4 patch which fixes this problem. "The second 3.5.4 came a week or so after the first 3.5.4 was posted, unannounced. However, The fonts and strikethru will not be platinum until 3.5.5."

SAM Regarding a previously mentioned conflict between Word and SAM Intercept in Mac OS 8, Bob Aldridge claims that to work-around the problem it is not sufficient to turn Sam Intercept off from with the control panel itself, you have to disable it at startup.

Update: Alternatively, as we had posted previously and as Scott Boettcher reminded me, you can simply disable SAM's application scanning option.

Tim Brown claims that the samintup.sea.hqx patch fixed this problem for him. Others have said it did not.

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