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Buzz Out Loud is going weekly!

The Buzz Out Loud podcast is moving from a daily to a weekly! And we have some exciting new changes coming to CNET Live, starting at the end of September. Read on to find out more!

As you may have heard in today's episode, the Buzz Out Loud podcast is going from a daily show to a weekly show. I'll pause here to let you shout at me.

Before I get to the reasons, let me get to the logistics. Our last daily episode will be Episode 1550, on September 23, and our first weekly episode will be Thursday, September 29. The new, weekly Buzz Out Loud will happen live on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Pacific, and will be an hour-long show that features the biggest stories of the week, awesome and fascinating guests, and the exact same hosts: myself and Brian Tong, producer extraordinaire Stephen Beacham, and our usual rotation of great CNET editors like Donald Bell, Sharon Vaknin, Antuan Goodwin, and others. And when big news breaks, the BOL team will be the ones to anchor all our live coverage at CNET Live, no matter what time it is (and whose show we have to kick off the air!).

This change is one of several big changes coming to CNET Live, all aimed at delivering a daily, uninterrupted block of live programming from 9 a.m. PT/noon ET to 11 a.m./2 p.m. Each day will start with The 404 podcast, which will be beefing up its tech news content to fill some of the BOL void. Immediately after that show, you'll get a second live show--the final schedule will be announced soon, but as I mentioned, Buzz Out Loud will move to 10 a.m. PT on Thursdays.

Now, for the why. First, let me say that I know it's a tough blow for those of you who love our show, and love a daily show specifically. But I am really excited about this change for a couple of reasons. First, I know we can deliver a really great weekly show! We're excited to add more guests to our format, to do slightly longer episodes, and to deliver a well-produced, well-researched, high-quality show.

This change also opens up a lot of opportunities for the BOL team. A daily show is a serious commitment and involves a lot of time. Getting some of that time back every week will only lead to more and better content for you to enjoy! For my part, I'm working on developing a new weekly show focused around the core technology we review here every day at CNET. Brian Tong will be bringing you more regular Prizefights and other new content. We've got a great new reporter joining our team in New York, starting soon, and you can look for amazing new content from her. And we'll be tweaking our existing CNET Live lineup to make every show better, more dynamic, more helpful, and more fun.

I know you've all got strong opinions on this change, and I hope you'll share them in the comments here and in our Buzz e-mail and voice-mail boxes. We truly want to hear from you: this community is the heart and soul of Buzz Out Loud and, in many ways, of CNET TV as a whole. What you say matters and we'll be reading and listening to it all.

But as you compose your thoughts I hope you'll also know that a lot of great things will come out of this change. I hope you won't see it as a loss, but as an opportunity. I know I do!