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Buzz Out Loud: Internet goes Kablooey

Tom and Rafe argue about Skype, Google, and Internet TV.

The usual CNET Buzz Out Loud podcast crew is operating at reduced capacity this week. Molly Wood and Jason Howell are out; only Tom Merritt is in the office. He's too chicken to do the podcast all alone, so he roped me in. Normally, I wouldn't blog a BOL guest appearance, but today we spent a good amount of the podcast discussing Web-related issues, including American Airlines' attack on Google, the Skype outage, Comcast's sabotage of BitTorrent transfers, Japan's drive to build a replacement Internet, and a guaranteed net-neutral ISP, Copowi.

Give it a listen. And if you can stand it, feel free to tune in during the rest of the week, too.

Buzz Out Loud #542: Internet goes kablooey
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