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Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1299: Apple iPod announcement shuffles the buttons (Podcast)

Steve Jobs revealed today three new iPods, including a Shuffle with buttons, a Nano that can double as a wristwatch (we think) and a razor-sharp iPod Touch. Also: Sony and Amazon have media news of their own, and Zuckerberg wants his privacy.

Steve Jobs revealed today three new iPods, including a Shuffle with buttons, a Nano that can double as a wristwatch (we think) and a razor-sharp iPod Touch. Also: Sony and Amazon have media news of their own, and Zuckerberg wants his privacy.

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“Hey Buzz Crew,

This is in response to episode 1296 about ads in iBooks. I must say the banner idea is kinda lame, but if ads must come, why don’t they try something interesting like between chapters you have the ad take the whole page, kind of like novels with illustrations every chapter or so or like magazines. That way, if you don’t want to see the ad, you just turn the page and it’s not right in your face.

Love the show!

- Matthew
“Dear BOL crew,

In episode 1296, you were discussing the potential future of advertising in the currently sanitized of today’s electronic advertising. My prediction is that you may see these types of advertising in the eBook arena, but I further predict that possible product placement will become rampant in published media. While it has already been very rampant in movies, prime time TV and even blogs and podcasts; I believe that print media is going to be a future sub-conscious marketing playground for future marketing giants.

Zach ‘z33k3r’ Jeffers
Spokompton, WA
“While spending my Saturday afternoon browsing the back episodes, I came across episode 598. While listening to the discussion of Android and what it was capable of, I sat there, my jaw on the floor, listening to Rafe talk about the open philosophy of the OS and how bad it would be for the carriers to come in lock it back down. Guess what, that is exactly what happened just two years later. Case in point, I have the Captivate and AT&T crippled this thing to death. It is an amazing phone but I had to unlock its potential on my own through rooting, trying different firmwares and fixes
to undo everything my carrier doesn’t want my phone to do. If I wanted a restricted phone, I would still be in line with everyone else I see at the mall, waiting for an iphone. Will Google ever step up and end the tyranny of the carriers, or will I have to sweat out the next few years with a warranty-voided phone?

Chris Dominey, from So Cal.
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