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Buzz Out Loud 957: Tweetza Hut!!!!

One of our listeners is upset that Pizza Hut is hiring interns to Twitter for them. We try to show the difference between astroturfing on blogs and hiring someone to Twitter legitimately.

One of our listeners is upset that Pizza Hut is hiring interns to Twitter for them. We try to show the difference between astroturfing on blogs and hiring someone to Twitter legitimately. We also decide that when GREP is outlawed, only criminals will GREP. And Blu-ray's getting cheap. But do we care?

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I saw MED-V demoed at VMWorld last year. If it was the only software visualization I had seen there, I would definitely have been impressed. The problem is that MED-V relyes on an entire virtualized windows OS, so it adds overhead to the system. It also adds complexity, if something goes wrong you now have to troubleshoot both layers.

Another piece of software being shown off was from VMWare. VMWare purchased a little company that made the software Thinstall, and renamed their product ThinApp. The software (and whole concept) is mind blowing! Thinstall allows you to encapsulate an entire software pacakge into a single .exe file that can be run from any computer without any install. It also encapsulates all windows components that are needed. This means that you can run Windows 95 software on XP, Vista, or any other windows operating system. The application becomes portable and flexible. It is licenced toward corporations and isn’t cheap. Hopfully one day there will be an open source project for the same thing. When this tech becomes wide spread, it really will change EVERYTHING.

Also check out InstallFree. It uses the same tech as ThinApp, but adds a layer of IT managment and is even more game changing for IT administration.

Watch the Demo:

Travis Epperson


Hey BOLers,
Apparently it is considered suspicious behavior to use a command prompt or multiple OSes.

- Dan the CompSciStud


I mean, I'm sure ghost twitterers are essentially equivalent, but this is a job where you literally tweet about pizza hut and they pay you. What I don't get is the salary: competitive to other tweeters (so, you mean works for free?)
But, grr, this is one of those things- you can't MAKE viral happen, it just does. (my zen statement for the day).



Study Finds Pirates Buy 10x More Music Online than Non-Pirates

If you can preview/borrow/steal, I bet you’ll be more likely to buy in
both the short run (aka the song or that album) and the long run
(aka look out for the band’s next album or spend crazy loot to go to a
show and buy their crappy merch)…

I think this totally makes sense, and I think this study hints that the
new business model has already been developed (without the stinky music
industry and its army of litigious minions) and is working: “sometimes
when you give a little, you get a lot” (and when I say “a little”, I
don’t mean a 14kbps, 15-second clip); aka the spoiled brat that doesn’t
share his toys has no friends growing up- Waaa!

Also, pretty please don’t debate validity of study! –> W-A side note:
Last week, there was an arguement about study size. There isn’t a finite
number. Dont forget, there’s POWER in numbers:

-Dr. Karl