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Buzz Out Loud 953: Pedestrian road rage

Don't walk slowly and then stop abruptly if you are on the sidewalks of New York City. Natali might show you a new type of road rage.

Don't walk slowly and then stop abruptly if you are on the sidewalks of New York City; Natali might show you a new type of road rage. Also, cabbies in New York might have to give up their cell phones while on the job; AT&T has plans to extended its carrier exclusivity with the iPhone; and Zune phone rumors abound...again...and we fall for it...again. Will Goodman, producer for the CBS Early show joins us on today's show.

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NYC taxis can’t use phone at all?

AT&T FamilyMap

NASA names Space Station treadmill after Colbert

George in NYC
Headphoneless in New York? NO!

JV from Alabama
Poison the cables as deterrent?

Buzz crew,

Much more detail about the fiber optic cable cut in “Chapel Hill” was published by the Raleigh News & Observer after your show had already aired. The mystery is solved! Construction workers cut the cable on Chapel Hill Road in Raleigh, North Carolina. (The road goes to Chapel Hill but is not actually in Chapel Hill; it’s about 25 miles away.) Nothing sinister here, as it’s just a little accident. Underground cables get cut all the time. Fortunately, most times they get cut, they’re not major trunk lines or anything like that. While I don’t have a landline anymore, my landline with BellSouth (now AT&T) would go out a few times a year due to an underground cable cut. I suppose we were lucky here in the Triangle that it was only the courts that went down when a major line was cut. Also, while AT&T was struck with this one, the NC Administrative Office of the Courts has already planned to switch their services to another provider so they hopefully won’t go down again.

Love the show!

Michael the Law Student


Tom, in response to the email you got about the telephone cut in San Jose and the cables being under pressure. Yes it is true that our copper cables are under pressure and really the pressure is between 6 to 12 pounds, our fiber cable are not under air pressure. We typically know when a fiber cable is cut within 15 min, our response varies depending on how fast we can get a hold of a technician to go out and fix it. If it is during the night it can take up to hours to go down the call out list to get someone out there. (We are union so there are rules for call outs)

Anyway just wanted to chime in on this, Love your show…


AT&T Employee…

P.S. Tell Natali she is awesome!!!


Hey Buzz Crew+1,
I was happy you guys talked about MED-V yesterday. I happened to spend most of the day at work getting it up and running, and it is pretty cool. At the school district I work at we still have a LOT of win2k out there. We expect to have it all converted to Vista within the next few years, but the elementary schools still use 10+ year old programs from the Windows 3.1 days. We try to get them to find newer software, but it’s a losing battle for us. It looks like MED-V was made for our situation. So far I’ve only tested it with IE from Win2k, but it worked surprisingly well.

It’s a good enterprise alternative to the compatibility mode built in to Windows, but I’d say it’s definitely not for the average user (at least as it is now). I’ve included a link to a screenshot I took of IE in Vista next to IE in Win2k using MED-V.

Jeremy Dennis