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Buzz Out Loud 951: Scary and hot

In this case it refers to Jeff Bakalar's face, but it could also refer to Amazon, Steve Jobs, and Skype. Well at least in part. Find out all about all of these things in today's scary and caliente episode. --Tom

In this case it refers to Jeff Bakalar's face, but it could also refer to Amazon, Steve Jobs, and Skype. Well at least in part. Find out all about all of these things in today's scary and caliente episode. --Tom

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Episode 951

Amazon criticized for de-ranking ‘adult’ books

… Amazon says it was a glitch…

Amazon told gay writer it was due to “adult” material

GOOD READ: Was #amazonfail just massive trolling?

List of books stripped of Amazon ranking

Sprint Memo Hints at Palm Pre Smartphone Release Date

Report: Jobs still in control at Apple

Report: Skype co-founders may buy it back

Time Warner tries again, fails to justify caps and charges

Twitter hit by series of worm attacks

Facebook messes up your GPA

Zune HD photos may reveal Microsoft’s next move

Amazon Plans Big-Screen Kindle

Steam powered USB charger keeps your iPod alive with Victorian sensibility


Kevin in Reno
What is that face??


Hi guys!

Regarding your comments about the SF fiber cut on Friday’s show, I can perhaps add some information for you.

I was a cable splicer and a lineman for five years at a nameless communications company that starts with “Q.”

I can tell you that most all underground cables are indeed pressurized. In fact, when I started, there was an actual Air Pressure department (which was merged with the Cable Maintenance department after several rounds of layoffs). Their sole job was to maintain the fittings, air lines, and such. Even copper cables are pressurized. This is mainly to keep water out, but can also serve to alert technicians to accidental or deliberate damage. At each Central office, there is a room full of huge compressors and air dryers that feed into the cables down in the vault and can keep many miles of cable under pressure.

When we would go into a manhole to work on cables, we had to call our air pressure guy and let him know what cable we were working in so that he could ignore the alarms. We also had “dry air” connections in our trucks that we would hook up to fittings in the manhole we were in to lessen the load on the dryers at the CO. This was especially important when we were working a section of cable that was very far away. Believe it or not, these cables are under 10 to 12 PSI of pressure (your car tires are about 30 PSI).

Just though you’d be interested. Love the show.


P.S. None of this is confidential or “secret” information, just obscure.


Hy Buzz Crew,

I’m actually kind of excited to do my first well actually but in episode 950, you talked about how Amazon has started to sell xbox live codes to redeem xbox games that are served over xbox Live. Tom had mentioned that this method seemed clunky since it would require you to enter the code into your xbox for every purchase, well actually you can redeem your market place code online via the website and I think pushes the content to your xbox once it logs on to live. Granted I don’t think this is really that smooth of an implementation but at least you’ll have copy and paste at your finger tips (well maybe not on an iPhone :/ ). However, I still think this is a great way to promote xbox live game content since it basically gives this basically acts like an additional store front outside to the traditional marketplace interface. On that note I wonder if the code system will eventually break down, especially with all the news about the iTunes gift card codes being compromised. Just a thought, thanks for the great podcast. love the show.

Steve from FL


$150 for TWC’s “unlimited” plan is NOT the answer.
You can upgrade to a business class connection (no caps) and pay a lot less. Only problem is then there is a contact (the benefit of that being that there is an SLA):

* Teleworker Plan
* 10mbps down, 1.5mbps up, $79.95/mo for 24-36mo, No installation fee, NO CAPS.

Thanks Buzz Crew,

Ben in Rochester, NY