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Buzz Out Loud 946: OpenMoko is NoMo

Rafe and Molly take over the show today (because of travels by Tom and Natali) and, not surprisingly, geek out and argue a lot about things like FM radio transmitters.

Rafe and Molly take over the show today (because of travels by Tom and Natali) and, not surprisingly, geek out and argue a lot about things like FM radio transmitters. In the actual news, it's cell phone Monday with lots of talk about the spread of Android, the future of smartphone Internet apps, and the stupidity of illegally pirating a movie and reviewing it on Fox News. Oops.

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MLB’s Web video puts everyone else to shame

T-Mobile to use Google software in devices for home

End of OpenMoko

iPhone 3.0 to include video editing?

Plus, FM radio transmitter

FCC pressed on iPhone Skype, tethering apps

AT&T retracts new terms of service, apologizes

FriendFeed’s redesign makes everything real-time

Net firms start storing user data

Fox News columnist fired for reviewing pirated version of "Wolverine"

Nikon DSLR gets articulated screen?

British Steam Car aims for speed record

James from Irvine
innovation through bandwidth caps

Shane from Las Vegas
Chrome on the TV!

Hey Buzz Crew,

Last week ya’ll had a short piece about Twitter Jurors and their potential effect on our legal system. Two issues that have come up include a system that doesn’t fully understand how people utilize the new technology and people that might be using the technology during inappropriate times (such as during trial deliberations.)

Thought you would enjoy seeing this story about our very own Arkansas Twitter Juror, Johnathan Powell. Lawyers in his case were seeking a mistrial over the $12.5 million judgment based on a handful of tweets made by Powell. The lawyers contended he tweeted during the trial; Powell said it was after. Turns out the time stamps on his tweets were made them look like Powell sent them two hours earlier than he actually did. The judge consequently ruled there were no grounds for a mistrial.

I have no doubt that at some point inappropriate tweeting could lead to major legal snafus in the future. Since this was clearly not the case, Johnathan merely helped to introduce a few of our local legal experts to the world of modern, Internet-based communication.

Love the show!

Brad the Writer


I have found some information on an iPhone 32GB 3G from at&t’s website. Perhaps there is an update coming this summer.. I kind of hope so, but at the same time I do not because I still have an iPhone 16GB 3G under contract.

Dushaun / Nashville,TN


Hey Buzz Crew,
You guys talked about OnLive, the streaming game company, sometime in the last couple weeks. Randy, Scott, and Patrick (the same Patrick Beja whose emails you guys have been reading on the show lately) also discussed it on The Instance last week, and they really got me thinking. From what I’ve seen, game prices on the service haven’t been announced, but I would hope they would be cheaper than store bought games as it sounds like you will have to pay for the subscription. I wonder if this model could be applied to other processor/graphics intensive programs such as Photoshop. It seems that it would almost be more suited to this application as latency would not be such an issue.

What do you think? Would a streaming, hosted subscription model work for these high-end programs?

Chilli (formerly Erik the MBA student)