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Buzz Out Loud 944: Natali needs a zombie team

We're not talking about a team of dancing zombies; we mean a team of friends to form her Zombie Preparedness task force. We also bring it with some open-source good news for DVR builders.

We're not talking about a team of dancing zombies; we mean a team of friends to form her Zombie Preparedness task force. Because it is Zombie Preparedness Day. We also bring it with some open-source good news for DVR builders, and the Linux folks talking tough to Microsoft.

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Voice mail
National Zombie Preparedness Day

iPhone Voip Call

Nokia SIP call

Hey Guys,

I made a google calendar with all the CNET Shows times on it. Please share it with the podcast audience at CNET. There is a button to add the calendar to your own Google Calendar in the bottom right of the screen. Here is the link:

Also, if you know who runs , feel free to give them this link to put on the site or whatever.

Steve from NJ



I love the show, and while we disagree on certain subjects, I
appreciate your experience and opinions.

However, this is not the case when you are discussing Blu-ray and
Netflix. On a personal note, I can’t believe that you are holding out
on Blu-ray … it’s great. And since you don’t have a PS3 or
standalone Blu-ray player I don’t think you should be commenting (as
if you have real world daily experience) on supposedly equal

It all boils down to one argument I’ve heard from you more than once.
You suggested on Tuesday’s show that Netflix HD streaming is a viable
alternative to Blu-ray. First of all the quality of the Netflix
streams that are actually labelled “HD” are DVD quality at best, and
that’s being generous (I checked again last night to make sure it
hasn’t improved). Second, you know that the availability of new
releases on Netflix streaming(the area that Blu-ray shines) is
virtually non-existent.

I’ve been a Netflix customer since Jan 2000 and I love it, but their
streaming as it currently exists will never even replace my need for
physical DVD.

I feel that in this one small but important area you are doing your
listeners a disservice, particularly the ones who are on the fence and
trust your opinions as fact.

And Natali, it made me really sad to hear you read that letter from
the disgruntled listener. don’t let people get you down.

Eric from NYC


My opinions above are based on using this equipment:
Panasonic Viera 1080i 37″ Plasma
Tivo Series 3 HD connected via HDMI (used for Netflix streaming)
Sony PS3 for Blu-ray via HDMI
TWCNYC 15MBPS cable/internet

On yesterday show, there was a call to arms/request for more
Linux/Unix/BSD/etc… stories. Well, I know I sent this in yesterday, but
since it might’ve fallen through the cracks of all the April Fools’
nonsense, I decided to resubmit it.

Yesterday, on Planet Ubuntu ( the distro’s
community’s Blog feed, the Mythbuntu DVR/Media Center Team made a huge
announcement which scores a major victory for Linux users everywhere.
They have scored an arrangement/deal with both Time Warner AND Comcast (of
all companies) for them to offer support for their CableCards in the 9.04

Here is a snippet of the announcement:

“Today marks a historic day in Mythbuntu development. Over the last year
we have been having discussions with several major cable companies in the
United States regarding enabling CableCARD support for all Mythbuntu
users. Late last year we reached an agreement with two of those major
companies, Time Warner & Comcast…Due to the difficulties in defining how
CableCARD support will work on Mythbuntu, it is only launching with the
ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable tuner [1]. These are the first products that
are being certified for CableCARD support on Mythbuntu, but expect others
to follow.

To start off, you will have to pick up an ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable
tuner…Next, contact your cable support specialist to schedule a time for
a technician to come and drop off a CableCARD in your home. For your
convenience, Time Warner and Comcast have allocated specialists
specifically for the expected call load…You may have heard of problems
with technicians refusing to install CableCARDs in anything that was not a
television set in the past. Per the terms of this agreement, all
contracted technicians have specific instructions to assist with
installation on Mythbuntu regardless of circumstances. If your technician
gives you a hard time, refer him to this URL.”

The full story can be found here:

Keep up the great work. {{Insert electronic “Love the show” here}}

Marc K. {{technomensch in the forums…rafe’s multimedia junkie}}
The South Florida Social Geek


Hi Buzz Crew,

I wanted to let you all know that I uploaded the 3D video I shot using
the two flip camcorders at SXSW. There are two scenes, the one before
your live show and another from a panel which had Jonathan Coulton on
it. I’ve uploaded my 3D composites as well as the source videos if
anyone wants to download them (you need to be a vimeo member to
download content). Here’s the link:

I used stereo movie maker to create the composites:

It was great meeting each of you. Now that I have seen a live BOL
taping I can cross it off my “bucket list”. Now I just need to meet
Molly and Veronica.

Love the show, thanks for being so awesome towards your fans.

Nick Waters


BOL Meetup Trifecta
Tonight in SF - Rev3/Tekzilla/BOL meetup at Moscone;forum-threads
Saturday, April 4th in SF - Brunch Out Loud starting at the Ferry Bldg Peets in SF @ 10:30am
Thursday April 16th in NYC with The 404 (details to follow)