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Buzz Out Loud 934: Cockpod block

Apple is apparently suing the maker of an iPhone dock called the Podium because the product has the word pod in it. Really? So if I refer to the cockpit of my plane as the cockpod, Apple could sue because the cockpod has a music player in it?

Apple is apparently suing the maker of an iPhone dock called the Podium because the product name has the word pod in it. Really? So if I refer to the cockpit of my plane as the cockpod, Apple could sue, because the cockpod has a music player in it? Are you blocking my cockpod, Apple? Also lepidopterists may be in trouble because the letters for pod are in there, as well. Of course, we also talk IE 8, and Sony and Google hooking up for free books.

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Paul from Canada
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Chris in St. Louis
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Dear Buzzards,
I am not an iphony user/owner but I do own an ipod touch 2nd gen. All reports I have seen say Apple is charging ipod touch users $10 for the update. Is this a true statement for both 1st & 2nd gen ipod touch devices? If so what the heck is up with this. Just bought my touch in Sept and this feels like a rip. Has there been a release date announced for the touch update?

THX, Mike Lopez


Team Buzz -

I found this article, http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2009/03/obama-administr.html, in Wired interesting from the standpoint of the law addressing changes in technology. At issue is whether a search warrant is needed to access cell site records. These cell site records, maintained by the cell phone companies, would show which cell towers were used by a cell phone user and the phone number a call was placed to. A search warrant would only be required for the actual content of the cell phone conversation.

Essentially, this is the same as a pen register, or even the ability of investigators to have the address information (addressee and return addresses) on a letter recorded by the USPS. This is just another example of the same type of process, with different technology.

Mike in Dayton


Howdy Buzz crew.

Tom, I reject your notion that the bat that clung to the side of the Space Shuttle is an alien infiltrator. I’m a positive guy, so I like to assume the best: I’m fairly certain that the bat was just a tiny, furry version of Charles Lindbergh. I can easily see him detaching himself from the shuttle before it reached maximum velocity (say, just two or three times the speed of sound) then heading east, simultaneously breaking several bat-records for speed, elevation and stick-to-it-ivness to become the first intercontinental winged mammal.

Remember, the glass is always half-full. Of bats. Love the show,
Mike from College Station