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Buzz Out Loud 919: Magnets on crocodiles

So, in Florida they're taping magnets to crocodiles heads in order to keep them from moving back to suburbia. It's also last call for Vista with SP2 released to developers. And we talk about good sex and how it shouldn't be filtered in Australia.

So, in Florida they're taping magnets to crocodiles heads to keep them from moving back to suburbia. It's also last call for Vista, with SP2 released to developers. And we talk about good sex and how it shouldn't be filtered in Australia. Oh, and flying cars. Of course.

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Nintendo needs help with piracy

Australian Internet censorship plan torpedoed

U.S. antitrust judge examining Windows 7 documents

Announcing the service pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RC

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Intel joins Netbook trademark suit, flames Psion

Nokia considering entering laptop industry

Yahoo closing Briefcase. In other news, what the heck was Briefcase?

Designer babies

Disrupting alligators commutes with magnets

Flying car flies from London to Africa

Appropriate use of correct speech

Today show about LimeWire


Nat, I don’t know about the exploding car/divorce. Well not with sugar at least.

Snopes is challenging you on that. Car talk does, too.

I like how Snopes suggests that you just leave a little sugar on the ground near the gas tank and leave the take door open. That’s enough to make someone “think” that they’ve been sugared.

Jason the runner in Marietta, GA.


Hey JaNaTo,
In regards to yesterday’s episode (918) about the flexible displays, I am excited about when this gets ruggedized and put on a quarterbacks arm. They could add plays on the fly wirelessly to his armband and also if they needed to draw up a play in the huddle, the quarterback could do so with the addition of touchscreen to it.

Keep up the good work in these troubled times,

-Mike in Des Moines


Hey JaToNa + Brian Tong (Maybe since he is usually on Thursdays but he was on early in the week– So Who then Cooley?)-

Anyhow just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for bringing up “Spotify”. I went to check it out, great instant streaming music site. Funny thing though- I didn’t need an invite to join! I just looked up Spotify through Google and then clicked ‘join’ and signed up no problem.

Of course that could have been luck or maybe even that I’m on a mac, but I guess I should suggest trying it for yourself (or at least for those outside the US) and see how long this lasts!

Only downside to the service is that music is country specific. It varies what you can and cannot listen to depending where you live.

The “ads” are a joke, meaning they are just a small banner ad at the bottom of the player and randomly insert a 20 second spot to join their premium service. If this is their model and plan to keep sticking with it, I’m gonna use them from now on!

Cheers from Oxford, England!
Tom Merritt the Doppelganger


Hey Buzzards,

I have nothing terribly relevant to say today, but I do have something
very important that I think we should remember. 18 years ago today,
Tim Berners-Lee released the first ever Web browser. We should all
remember this day as one of the most important days in the history of
computer science, and should all honour it as such.



I don't recommend running Xslimmer to cut down on the size of applications on OS X. While it does reduce the size of applications, it can potentially break the Automatic Update feature of OS X, as it is no longer able to properly identify the files that make up applications, and therefore doesn't know how to apply updates. If someone chooses to shrink their apps, they should download the full packaged versions of Apple's updates directly from their web site instead of using Automatic Update, something some users don't know how, or don't want to do.


P.S. I'm not a psycho; I'm about the most docile person you could ever meet. What else do you do with an old broken television besides smash it with a sledgehammer?