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Buzz Out Loud 911: Giggles per dollar

Nintendo is smashing the competition in game consoles and Rafe thinks he knows the reason why. The G/D ratio will probably become a new economic leading indicator. We also determine just how long you should wait for Windows 7.

Nintendo is smashing the competition in game consoles and Rafe thinks he knows the reason why. The G/D ratio will probably become a new economic leading indicator. We also determine just how long you should wait for Windows 7. And by determine, I mean Rafe and I fight over it and I win. And what do you think of the Microsoft store?

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Unix Time stamp generator

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Andrew the former Kindle employee
2 Gigs ougtta be enough for anyone

Waiting to buy my laptop

Hi Buz Crew:

On show 909 Tom said his iPhone sometimes tell hims he is the wrong
country like Italy.

One of the methods the iPhone uses for location when it can’t get a GPS
signal is wireless networks (known as Skyhook)//. The wireless network
system identifies your location by your proximity to the MAC address of
the wireless routers. So I would suggest every so often you may be in a
location were your iPhone can see a router that at one time was in Italy
and was brought back to the USA when the owner moved.

This problem can happen quite often with this (Skyhook) wireless network
location tracking system and I have tracked down a number of examples of
this problem here in Canada.

Love the show and keep up the great work.

Joe Dawson
IT Security Consultant
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


Hola Buzz-olio-s,

Last nite casually surfing, I had tweetdeck (the best windows twitter client in my humble opinion) open and noticed that in the twitscoop pane (a word cloud of whats being talked about most) the words “plane” and “Crash” were standing out. I opened up a search on tweetdeck for “plane crash” and see the following tweet:

@KeithBurtis: Holy Shit! A small plane crashed into homes a couple miles from my house!

So I flip on the TV and CNN. About 6 minutes after I saw Keith’s tweet, CNN broke in with the story of the plane crash. As the evening progressed, he was contacted by MSNBC and reported what he saw there, then went on to be on CNN and Sky News. It was a surreal evening to see something reported on Twitter before ANY news media outlet, then as the evening progressed the hear that person reporting what he saw on the national outlets! Obviously we need to remember that this is a horrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to those families, but I couldn’t escape the sense of being on the cusp of something big. I think twitter is ushering in an era of “citizens journalism” the likes of which we don’t really grasp yet. It’s really amazing to see what Twitter has evloved into over time. I would be really interested in hearing the buzzcrew discuss this. I really enjoy the show! Take care….



Hey there Buzz crew!!

I was listening to your Thursday podcast on the drive home, when you guys talked about Opera mobile browser and how it will compress the data to save on bandwidth. I was gonna pull over and give you a call right away, HOWEVER, the particular stretch of road had no stopping signs all over it…so I decided to write to you instead.

If I understand correctly, all Opera Mini browser traffic goes through their server. As explained in a security now episode ( So it is quite conceivable that they will pass all traffic for their new browser.

They also have Windows Mobile version (Opera Mobile), but that seems to be a regular browser.

Cheers, LTS
Rio the Dispatcher
Vancouver, BC



Just in case no one called or emailed about this, i am calling about the netflix app for windows mobile that allows streaming of movies to the phone, discussed on episode 909.

Well actually, the app only allows you to stream trailers and small clips. I know because i have the app. It’s not your fault because the pcmag article is extremely misleading and or wrong.

P.S. i cannot wait for the Pre. It’s good to be a sprint customer. Windows mobile is outa heaaaa (insert new york accent here)

Love the show

Javier from Pembroke Pines, FL