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Buzz Out Loud 902: How to cook a Wooly Mammoth

Let's be clear: we don't know how to cook a Mammoth. But Natali would like to know, because apparently she eats her pets. That is not true at all. But what is true is Google turned the whole Internet into malware this weekend.

Let's be clear: we don't know how to cook a Mammoth. But Natali would like to know, because apparently she eats her pets. That is not true at all. But what is true is Google turned the whole Internet into malware this weekend. And that we can tell you why. And will. So listen in.

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Google flags whole Internet as malware

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Alex from Buffalo
Russian Linux will help IT


I just wanted to make a correction to one emailer that was talking about Microsoft mesh and Sky drive. Skydive has 25gigs of storage but this will be upped as long as you are not abusing it. You can use Live Sync to sync your documents to skydive.

Mesh is a separate system (why I don't know). Mesh works in a better way it gives you a mesh "desktop" in the cloud. Any folder on your local machine that is change to a Mesh folder is then automatically synced to your mesh desktop. Your mesh desktop any file on your mesh desktop can then be viewed anywhere with an internet connection. The reason I think it better then live sync is it is automatic and you don't have to constantly go into a browser, but mesh is limited to 5gigs

I use skydive for storage of files that I won't be changing a lot. I use mesh for files that will need a lot of editing. Sorry for writing such a long email about this subject I just think it's a great free service.



Hey Tom, Molly, Jason and Natalie,
Chris the former Snowmen Hunter here to say recently I was catching up on my Buzz when I heard the back and forth about the kilowatt laser jets and remembered an evil epiphany I had awhile back.

Since at least the 1970s, various satellites, space stations and planetary rovers have sported solar panels to take energy from the sun.

In 1998 NASA launched the Deep Space 1 probe, which sported the first in-service ion engine.
Here’s a link:

In 2004, the U.S. Airforce successfully tested it’s 747 based Airborne Laser, and this year has been cleared to test it’s ability to shoot down a missile.

Lastly, in 2004, Spaceship One became the first privately funded spacecraft to put a person in space.

What do these technologies have in common? They all sport gear used by the Galactic Empire on their workhorse weapon of terror, the TIE Fighter. That’s right Buzztown. With enough money, we can now be the proud owner of a self-built TIE Fighter. The TIE stands for Twin Ion Engines for those of you who don’t speak Nerd.

Question is… if I’m realizing this, it’s only a matter of time before someone in the Twit Army realizes it. And can the listeners of NPR’s Science Friday be far behind?

Can we let Buzztown fall behind in the TIE Fighter gap? I think you know the answer.


Love the show… and always will as it remains un-fried by a Science Friday-backed TIE Fighter attack. Those NPR listeners aren’t as docile as they appear.


Hey BOL,

according to the Apple’s documentation available for the iPhone Developers, the iPhone and the iPod Touch can recognize 5 fingers simultaneously touching the screen.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Love the show,
(normally in Greece, right now in Sweden :) )


The reason the DMCA applies to wowglider is that it uses it’s own client by reverse engineering the wow client and allowing scripts. The reason blizzard used legal means is because WoWglider sued blizzard for banning their users.

Feldar, Aegwynn


Thanks for the shout out!
I worked out just how much whiskey needs to be used in order to make a 150Kw data centre to work.

Average ounce of whiskey is 64 calories.
With 40 ounces to the bottle that would be 2,569 calories.

2,569 Calories is equal to .002988 Watts

But in order to get to the Kilowatts you would need to take in 859,800 Calories AN HOUR.

That is equivalent to 21,495 bottles of whiskey per hour to equal 1 Kilowatt.

So, for the 150Kw data centre to work that would be 3.224 Million bottles of whiskey an hour.

Between Cooly and I, I think we could maybe light up a 15 Watt bulb… As long as he doesn't get distracted. But I am not feeling the love to save the earth on my own.

But throw in a sorority house, and I will be willing to give it a shot.