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Buzz Out Loud 860: Close Enough for Nuclear War

On today's show, we learn that there's little difference between nuclear war and horseshoes, at least in the "close enough" department. Also, a new segment: This Week in Cooley!

On today's show, we learn that there's little difference between nuclear war and horseshoes, at least in the "close enough" department. Also, a new segment: This Week in Cooley! Plus, a flurry of online news including mobile scheduling for your TiVo, the travesty of the teacher and the porn pop-ups, and Chrome is the king of speed!
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Cooley debriefs:
- Just drove in in the new 370Z with SynchroMatch transmission.

- From iPhone to Bold: how it's going, why I did it.

- Promo: EOH today discussing car tech seen at the L.A. Auto Show (open now)

Amazon Kindle 2 Slated For "Early Q1″

Flurry of online video stuff:
- Blockbuster launches a box

- YouTube goes wide screen

- TiVo goes mobile for everyone

The Guild Coming to Xbox Live Marketplace

Teacher in porn pop-up case dodges jail but loses creds

Senate: When analog TV goes dark, leave a light on

Web and mobile increasing TV viewership

New study crowns Google’s Chrome king of speed

Nanotech clothing fabric ‘never gets wet’

Voice mail
“Hey:” Star Trek reminiscences

Bob the patent lawyer: “close enough for nuclear war”



On Buzz-Out-Loud #859 Daniel in Hell e-mailed about the EULA for the iPhone which restricted the use of the phone for, “the development design manufacture or production of various kinds of weapons”. I believe that this is due to the fact that it contains a GPS unit, which could at least theoretically be used for a targeting or timing system. I would guess that this would be a standard EULA feature of other GPS devices, but maybe just the iPhone since it can run apps and would be easier to configure for the task. I guess the option of using the phone to record and replay a Molly rant is still an unrestricted pleasure. Love the show, keep up the good work.

Thomas the Professional Nuclear Engineer
“It ain’t rocket science - its Nuclear Engineering”


Orbital Speed and Buzz Out Loud

Rhett Allain



What’s Up Buzz Crew!

Who better to help with Obama with his FCC Transition than a Level 70 Shaman! Last week President Elect Obama appointed Kevin Werbach as a Co-Chair to the transition team. Level 70 ain’t nothing to sneeze at. I’m also sure this is why Obama wants a laptop in the Oval… I mean with all that down time, I’m sure Werbach will have Obama hooked on World of Warcrack in no time!


What’s this I hear? You need another host for Friday? I’m not doing anything over Thanksgiving - flights home from Vegas to Portland for both Thanksgiving are too expensive, (in these troubled times,
*drink*) but I can fly to SFO for cheap! $150 on Virgin America round-trip! You can pay me back later.

I’ve even written the intro in advance:

(Camera 1) Merritt: “Coming up on CNET Live: it’s that time of year again, time for 10 STRAIGHT hours of CNET Live’s Holiday Help Desk, when we ease the pains of your holiday tech shopping. Lots of reviews, lots of questions, lots of answers!”

(Camera 2) Cooley: “Plus, I’ll teach you how to roast a turkey with the Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries from a new Ford Escape hybrid! And Cars! Cars! CARS!”

(Camera 3) Me: “And I made a cape from my CNET sweatshirt! CNET Live starts now! EXCELSIOR!”

(I unfurl my cape and fly stage-left Al Gore-style. Animated exclamation points dancing on screen. Play intro sequence.)

Perfect opportunity for my Al Gore impression. You can have that for free. Unfortunately I’m not very patient with verbose callers, comfortable in front of cameras, or altogether functional before noon, but that also means I’m totally nerdcore, so feel free to give me a call. Like Cooley said, nobody’s gonna be watching this anyway, right? (Just let me know before Wednesday, because the price doubles on Thursday.)