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Buzz Out Loud 841: Real-time apocalypse

Microsoft is putting Office online. No time soon, but it will happen. Also Netflix will stream movies in HD. Not until mid-November. And only for Xbox Live paying members. But hey, why would we want to satisfy anyone now.

Microsoft is putting Office online. No time soon, but it will happen. Also Netflix will stream movies in HD. Not until mid-November. And only for Xbox Live paying members. But hey, why would we want to satisfy anyone now. Of course, quantum cryptography has also been hacked. So nothing's sacred. You still need to listen, though, to find out why Dolly Parton opposes Google.
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Episode 841

Microsoft to offer Office online

MS offers peek through Windows 7

Microsoft doubles reward for teen who ran away after his parents pilfered his 360

Dolly Parton enters ‘white space’ debate

Researchers decentralize BitTorrent

Quantum key distribution meets the real world, fails

HD Netflix streaming comes to Xbox 360 first

AC/DC confuse Donald with Excel spreadsheet video and CD-only distro

Walmart relaunches MP3 store with $0.74 MP3s

The VCR is dead

DTV transition will ‘puke’ on environment, says recycling group

Voice mail

JL in Minnepaolis
War of the Worlds - twitter.com/wotw2

Mark from Florida
What use is Google Earth

…to the internet today, October 29, 2008!

39 years old. Up next: mid-life crisis.

(The first message ever to be sent over the then ARPANET (sent over
the first host-to-host connection) occurred at 10:30 PM on October 29,
1969. It was sent by UCLA student programmer Charley Kline and
supervised by UCLA Professor Leonard Kleinrock. The message was sent
from the UCLA computer to a computer at the Stanford Research
Institute. The message itself was simply the word “login.” The “l”
and the “o” transmitted without problem but then the system crashed.
Hence, the first message on the ARPANET was “lo”. They were able to do
the full login about an hour later.)

But you knew that… :)

Digital Dave in San Diego


Relatively new listener here. It’s been about 2 weeks. I heard about you guys when someone(I forget who) was on Twit. The reason I like the show is because it gives me something to listen to on a daily basis instead of once a week like Revision 3.

After listening to Friday’s show I wanted to comment on how this listener can return a Console game after opening it. You take it to the customer service desk and say I forgot my receipt and this game doesn’t work for my console. They will replace it with another. They will go and get a new one. MOST of the time they will forget to unwrap the plastic. They will give you a new game with the plastic back on and then you can go to another Wal-Mart a few miles down the road or that same Wal-Mart the next day with your receipt and get your money back.

Steve Rehnborg
Raleigh, NC by way of Ohio


What’s Microsoft calling their cloud computing solution? Azure. Check out the Mac Dictionary’s definition of Azure:

bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky

Cloudless! I love it.

Richard Gunther
Washington, D.C.