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Buzz Out Loud 821: Cloud hippies

On today's show, a big, fat present for long-time listeners (and Veronica Belmont fans): Veronica Belmont joins us!

On today's show, a big, fat present for long-time listeners (and Veronica Belmont fans): Veronica Belmont joins us! In the news, Real's pre-emptive lawsuit fails to stop the studios from suing over RealDVD, Apple threatens to close iTunes, Dell offers you Iron Man along with its computers, and Starz on Netflix!
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Pandora, Webcasting see victory in Senate

Studios Sue to Bar a DVD Copying Program

Would Apple really shutter iTunes? Unlikely

Microsoft still paying people to search

New Wii due by 2011

P2P growth slowing as infringement goes deeper undercover

Scientists develop incredible thinking cap

Adobe exec confirms Flash for iPhone, says Apple will decide when

New denial-of-service attack is a killer

Dell preloading Iron Man, world asks “Why?”

Starz gives Netflix fans a reason to stream


Adam from Maple Valley
Some open source cloud examples

Joe from Westside
On the other side.

Hi guys,

I’m catching up on last week’s episodes, and have been thinking about
this first sale doctrine mentioned re: Spore last week. Just to be
clear, I think the Spore DRM is lame… but in this day of digital
media, isn’t first sale outdated?

You can sell a CD you buy at the record store, but can't you sell music
bought online? Do you think someone would buy am unDRMed MP3 from the
Amazon store from you? In fact, are you even allowed to resell unDRMed
MP3 files?

How about iTunes purchased content--for example, movies or TV show
seasons? These actually are valuable.

– Nilay


This topic may have been shared already, and it may not really be like Google’s carrier-less concept, but here in Southeast Asia, especially here in mobile savvy Philippines, a lot of local hackers offer dual-sim capabilities. In the days of Nokia 3310 (remember Space Impact or Picture Editor?!), buyers can opt for a modified back-plate cover that encases two sim slots that connect to the main sim slot, so your phone uses two carriers. Switching between carriers is seamless, but I’m not sure the extent of it’s capability, as I have not tried it.

We also have this phone called My Phone (check it at that houses built in dual-sim slots and has advanced smartphone features to boot (albeit no Space Impact OR Picture Editor). Well, that’s it, what do you think?

Long time listener, great show!


Hey Jamoto!

In response to episode 820, I think people should create their own clouds, everyone having their own miniserver. Companies could make money by releasing software to run your cloud. And then you’d only have to upgrade the hardware of the server, not your little eee PC accessing the server.

Robert the Soviet