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Buzz Out Loud 771: A Monster episode of Iron butt proportions

Oh man. Molly is out for one day and look what happens. Well the Monster story comes form the cable makers attempting to sue the makers of a deer salt lick. Seriously.

Oh man. Molly is out for one day and look what happens. Well the Monster story comes form the cable makers attempting to sue the makers of a deer salt lick. Seriously. And Iron Butt refers to a character from X-Men after we got schooled on Magneto by Craig from Omaha. And we talked about porn too.
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Episode 771

TiVo and Amazon team up

What is Apple’s mystery product?

First hints of Microsoft's 'fight back' ads appear

Sandisk: Windows Vista not optimized for solid-state drives

Has Halvar figured out super-secret DNS vulnerability?

Movie industry eyeing 3D movies for the home theater

Turns out porn isn’t recession-proof

A Monster dispute is licked

Global warming stopped by adding lime to sea

Floating cities on Venus


Anonymous Physician
How to cool things to (close to) absolute zero.

Todd from Canada
Old-timey copy protection.

Jim the Unix Admin
What about selling things from within games?


In Episode 770 you guys were the death of PC gaming to piracy, I wanted to let you know just how wrong you are. I’ve been a hardcore gamer for years and I haven’t paid for a PC game since 2005. This isn’t due to piracy, but the crazy amount of money I’m expected to invest into a gaming PC every year.

Both my gaming PC and Xbox 360 are from 2005, and my PC is no longer capable of playing the exact same games available on the Xbox. Have you ever tried playing Bioshock on an Nvidia 6800? It’s a pretty slide show, but not a game.

Guys (and that’s “guys” in the gender-neutral way, Molly/FemaleGuest),

I thought of an analogy to Universal’s argument that they had to issue take-down notices in cases of supposed fair use: imagine a city where the the police automatically gave all people in a public park (who walked through or sat down) tickets for loitering because they assumed that they were homeless or bums, and their defense is that we’ll let the judge determine who’s who. Common sense dictates that the police use discretion in determining who was there for a picnic (fair use) and who was using the park as a toilet (”infringement” ;) & not clog up the courts--unless you live in San Francisco and then nobody gets ticketed for loitering; yeah, I’ve been.

FYI, ordered my iPhone last Monday from AT&T, said it would be 7-10 days, still no love from Apple--love the show!

Chris New
Ankeny, Iowa

Hello Buzz Crew,
In episode 767 Molly mentioned a PS3 price cut, Well technically it’s not really a price cut. All Sony is going to do is replace the 40GB hard drive with an 80GB hard drive.

So you will now have a 80GB PS3 that is not backward compatible and as full featured as the current 80GB model. This is really what I don’t like about Sony. How Many people are thinking this is a real price cut and are going to wait to buy an 80GB model, just to find out its not really the current 80GB model...just the 40GB PS3 with an 80GB hard drive

Here is a quote from the Venture Beat article.

Sony says they will continue selling the 40GB at $399 until they run out of the models. In September, they will start selling the PS 3 80GB models at the $399 price. Those models will have the features of the current 40GB model, not the features of the current 80GB model. That's a bit of a loss for consumers.

Here's the link.

Him: “OK. I left my iPod at home and want to put my music from iTunes onto my wife’s iPod.”

Me (sternly): “Did you PAY money to iTunes so that you own those songs?”

Him: “Oh, absolutely!”

Me: “Fine. Then you can’t do it.”

Him: “I get punished for playing by the rules?”

Me: “Yup.”

Him: “What if….. I get a DVD and burn all the music files onto the DVD and then load them onto her computer so I can load them onto her iPod?”

Me: “Nope. What you can do, though, is go buy about 500 blank CD’s and make audio CDs with no track information or anything at all then rip those CDs onto your wife’s computer and individually label them all.”

Him: “I see. They have a poison pill in the files?”

Me: “From now on, please buy your music from Amazon.”

Him: “I’m going to go get a cocktail.”

Here’s me. Here’s the dead horse. I will flog and flog and flog.




Emily Page

[Molly, please read this in your geeky voice]

Regarding your comments on yesterday’s episode (in which you wondered if Magneto could harm Wolverine if his skeleton was covered in graphene), I couldn’t disagree with your assertions more. If Magneto is truly the “Master of Magnetism” (as he is often called), then that means that he also has control over the strong and weak nuclear forces that holds all matter together. That means if he really wanted to, he could dematerialize anyone or anything that gave him the stink-eye.

Also, Magneto has such a strong power mutation, he could in fact recover his powers after getting dosed with several antimutation serum injections, as seen in the cinematic masterpiece X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

[end geeky voice]

Love the show,
Craig from Omaha, Neb.