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Buzz Out Loud 764: iPhail?

On the first day of the iPhone 3G massive amounts of Phanatics went home frustrated.

On the first day of the iPhone 3G massive amounts of fanatics went home frustrated. Activation problems meant a lot of folks couldn't go home with a working iPhone. Some didn't even have a working phone at all, as the old phone got deactivated but the new one was not brought into working order. Meanwhile FCC goes Medieval on Comcast and announces the four freedoms of the Internet will be enforced.
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Heya buzz people :)

I have a Hilarious story, T-mobile (the provider in the Netherlands) is having some problems, all those people standing in line waiting for the iPhone all happy. But then OH NO, the T-Mobile activation servers went down with in 3 min. so people can’t take there phone home, they will get called when activating is done. second problem, T-Mobile shop employees blame IT (who doesn’t?) because they need iTunes to activate the phones, yet they can’t install iTunes on company machines.. yeah right, that’s why 500 people got the iPhone?. those 500 got sold in Rotterdam last night at 3 PDT. so Anyway, I’m not getting a phone.

(You wanna donate me one). But every store has about 12 phones, some only 6 and are split in to third segments, so 1/3 is 8gb 1/3 16GB white and 1/3 is 16GB black. Really a launch gone all wrong.

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