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Buzz Out Loud 761: Debt by data plan

No, not death, but close to it. The race is on for who has the most expensive iPhone plan in the world! Plus Microsoft finally gives us a date for XP SP3, sort of.

No, not death, but close to it. The race is on for who has the most expensive iPhone plan in the world! Plus Microsoft finally gives us a date for XP SP3, sort of. And we have some security news for you as well as a recap of the digital TV transition. So listen up!
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FAQ: iPhone 3G launch day is Friday

iPhone Jonny: world’s first iPhone 3G owner (in waiting)

Spat with Rogers leaves Canadian Apple stores without iPhones

Apple’s MobileMe service set to debut

Microsoft hopes third time really is lucky with XP SP3 update

Civil rights groups hit panic button on DTV transition

Skooba makes with the pictures of TSA-friendly bags

Google powers up users’ Gmail security arsenal

TrueCrypt 6.0 Released

Geeks get a word in with Merriam-Webster

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Kevin Ontario
I called Rogers about the iPhone.


Have any of the buzz crew seen the insane pricing plan for iPhone that Vodafone NZ have come out with?

$250 (about $190 USD) per month for 1GB of data. Over two year contract, you pay $6,000 ($4,550 USD) plus $199 for the phone.

Full insane info at

A good rant on a local tech forum… is it cool to be first in the world to get the new iPhone? yes at that price? NO!!

Love the show , keep up the good work.

I recall reading a feature about Marissa Mayer in which she said that they thought about getting rid of the “I’m feeling lucky” button, but market research found that people love having it there even though fewer than one percent of all searches utilize it.

I can’t find the original story, but here’s a feature about it in the
Washington Post:

Keep up the good work. Love the show!

Jason in Boston

I don’t actually use the button, but I do use the feature and so do you (probably). If you type some text into the Firefox (e.g learn html) and hit enter it will send you to the W3Schools site for HTML. This feature is powered by Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky. I also use it for Wikipedia quicksearchs because it will automatically apply any “Did you mean”s.

Love the show,
Michael from N.C.

In response to Molly’s question of if there’s anyone left in the United States that hasn’t had their identity stolen, I can safely answer that I have not. No one wants to be me--not the Russian Mafia, not hackers, not drug dealers. No one.

It’s a little depressing, really. Just like high school all over again.

Is it me?

Love the show


Hi guys,

Just so you know WiMax has been available in Ireland since 2006. A company called Irish broadband (setup in 2006) uses WiMax in it’s broadband with no wires offers. Just a WiMax reciever built into their routers and Wi-Fi and Ethernet out! It’s apparently dead simple to set up but their best home plan is 3MB per second (upload and download. Which is quite good in Ireland especially compared with my DSL (1Kbps upload 1MB download).

Love the show,

Eoghan(eoin) in Ireland