Buzz Out Loud 674: Pomme not Pom

We have a tiny little misunderstanding vis-a-vis the French language today, and also, there's some tech news.

On today's episode, we have a little misunderstanding vis-a-vis the French language, and also there's some tech news. Specifically, Yahoo might be plotting a way to become the biggest tech giant of them all, some CEOs get serious with the smack-talk, and becomes Molly's own personal search engine. Aw, that's sweet.


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Yahoo, Time Warner reportedly talk deal to thwart Microsoft

Gates to Google: 'Your business applications stink'

Adobe bites its tongue after iPhone Flash jab

Warning: Your iPod may get you mugged

Is Microsoft’s ‘Singularity’ the OS of the future?

NIN’s music experiment sells big numbers seeks makeover as women’s site

Rumors of Facebook music service bubbling again

AOL gets it right with Open AIM 2.0

FCC: No plans for a Comcast-BitTorrent hearing at Stanford

New video overtakes 'Evolution of Dance' for No. 1 Spot on YouTube

DIA keeps Wi-Fi on the mild side (Thanks Wayne!)

Levitating haptics joystick gives good feedback

Electronic tattoo display runs on blood (Thanks Chris!)

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator dies at 69


Mark the Animator
Send letters to everybody.

What should I call myself?

Amanda Atlanta
Fruit-naming conventions


Phone wiretapping

Hey guys I love the show, but I have to take issue with Toms file-sharing comparison to phone wire-tapping. Now with phones and information going over the phone, what’s going over phone is the information relevant to the product, not the product itself. Like if two dealers were discussing a coke deal, the coke isn’t going to come through the phone, but if an ISP is looking for certain mp3 files, that file will be where they are looking, in that same pool.

A better analogy would be comparing file sharing to chasing drug cartels on the seas and in the air. Not all the ships and the planes in the air have drugs on them, or are transporting anything illicit, but if you want to catch who you need to catch that is where your going to find them.


Insecurity of banks

yes Bank of America and AT&T have the highest number of identity thefts per month as BofA is the largest Bank in the U.S. (by far) and AT&T is the largest wireless provider in the U.S. (by a bit i believe) so of course they have the most.

It seems to me that your professor used some fancy statistics to smear his data. A more accurate representation would the the percent of customer base whose identity was stolen.

love the show

~Chirstophahahaha from MA

Warn Buzztown!

Warn Buzz-Town: MacBook Pro Power Transformer Will Burn

I fell asleep with my exposed arm on top of the white power brick of my 2007 MacBook Pro and woke up with first degree burns and a tiny second degree burn. People, watch out! Blog and photo to follow but for now, be warned.

In other Mac news, my Mac’s logic board failed in the Apple Store when I was talking Mac Tech. Poor Apple! My dog (rusty) also died this weekend. Sucks for me!

Peace out,


My Napster settlement phone call

Hey folks, this is “Alex” from Columbus, Ohio, wanted clear up the confusion regarding the Napster Settlement story and my call. Seems I didn’t do my research, because there are multiple settlements against Napster, and the one my company is handling is not the same as the one reported in the New York Post. Our settlement was started by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who wrote songs like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock,” and encompasses songwriting royalties and music publishers, not the EMI/Warner/Universal case currently in the news. In my excitement to contribute something actually relevant to show, I confused the two settlements. My bad, sorry for the confusion, I’ll take a time out in the penalty box.



Hey Buzz Crew,

About a year ago, I e-mailed about a way Mac users could convert their podcasts to audiobook format so they could play them at a faster speed — a way for power podcast listeners to really get their podcast on.

[Refresher: The JOIN TOGETHER program can be used to group several podcasts into one audiobook file with each podcast being a chapter.
For individual files, QUICK CONVERT APPLESCRIPT allows you to easily convert the file to AAC format, and the MAKE BOOKMARKABLE APPLESCRIPT converts an AAC into a bookmarkable (audiobook) format.]

What I’m writing to say is that after spending a year speed-listening to many podcasts from many different sources, I’ve only run into three situations where I couldn’t make out what was being said and had to slow it back down to normal speed to make the speech intelligible. Oddly enough, they’re all on BOL:

  1. A Mollyrant
  2. Voicemail for Fordo
  3. Molly reading email from Fordo

Anyhow, thanks for an awesome podcast.

Jeff from Huntsville

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