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Buzz Out Loud 663: The power of Blu-Ray compels you

Blu-Ray wins, we try to exorcise our studio of its many demons, and speaking of demons, the digital photo frame infestation turns hellish.

Blu-Ray wins, we try to exorcise our studio of its many demons, and speaking of demons, the digital photo frame infestation turns hellish. In other news, we think we've figured out the mystery of What Made Scoble Cry, and much to our surprise, it wasn't "The Bucket List." It just might be a Microsoft-made map of the universe. Cool.


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Is it not odd to shoot down a satellite?

Tom in Houston
How not to respond to text spam.

Anonymous Darwinist
El Rushbo's Mac problem.

Gary NC
Apple TV baloney.

In the Poconos
Hey Buzz crew,

Hey Tom, Jason, and Molly! This week I was in the Poconos without Internet access. After about three days, I needed my fix of tech news and really started to miss you guys.

I probably looked crazy, but I left the house and walked around the forest dodging sticks and piles of leaves looking for any Wi-Fi signal I could. I came upon a an SSID named "default" and no WEP key!

Standing out in 23-degree weather with just jeans, shoes, and a T-shirt, I started to download Buzz Out Loud. 17 minutes later I was finished. You guys probably don't realize how important you are to the Buzz town community. Love the show.

Sincerely, Jack

Molly's Sprint problems

I work at Sprint and heard Molly complaining about her mobile coverage on TWIT this morning. We have a Web portal called "Employees Helping Customers," and I would be happy to open a ticket for her.

I've had very good results using this tool in the past to resolve issues for some of our customers. For coverage issues, they will often send out an engineer to do a signal survey and troubleshoot possible solutions.

I can't promise that it will solve the problem, but sometimes the engineer can at least tell you when/if there will be a fix.

Blake Smith

Microsoft/Yahoo affect on iPhone?
Hello, Sean from Pittsburgh again.

I was wondering if Microsoft does buy Yahoo, how will that affect the iPhone because Yahoo gives the free push e-mail to iPhone users and they also provide the data for weather and stock widgets? Will Microsoft become a developer for the iPhone once the SDK launches and bring Office? Or will they just stay the same? Or, will they completely drop support for the iPhone in order to promote Windows Mobile/sidekick? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.


eBay sellers plan for weeklong strike


iTunes plus upgrades now FREE!
I purchased a track with iTunes yesterday, and while it was downloading, iTunes suddenly added about 30 tracks I had previously purchased. It was upgrading them to the iTunes plus format...for free! Apparently Apple no longer charges for the upgrade in format. This is a little late in coming in my opinion, considering that they dropped the price of the iTunes plus tracks several months ago, but it is quite welcome in my book.

One interesting note: I wasn't prompted--it just went ahead and did it on its own, as far as I can tell. It will be interesting if and when the other big labels get onboard and suddenly iTunes starts redownloading the 1,000 or so tracks I have left in the regular format.

Jeff, the eternal student

8-track comeback
Hello Buzztown, ANkh in Ireland here. I wanted to drop you a line to say that a friend of mine is helping a friend of his launch his new album on 8-track! Check it out: They bought an 8-track recorder and a bunch of tapes and are hoping to sell 15 tapes over the next five to 10 years to break even! So spread the news! Make sure every 8-track player owner hears!

Thanks, ANkh, the Irish computer engineering student

BOL turtle
Hi guys,

I was able to listen to Friday's episode today. Good stuff! I've added some information and a photo of the Buzz turtle on the tracking site. Do let me know if you would like to give it a name.



Cut cable updates from the Mideast
Hope Molly gets better soon, here's an update on the sea cables.

11-Feb-08 - FLAG EUROPE ASIA (FEA) and FALCON Cable restored, traffic on the cable normalized.

Update on Submarine Cable Cut Repairs

Cut No. 1: FLAG EUROPE ASIA Cable restored between Alexandria (Egypt) and Palermo (Italy)
- The crew completed the repair on the FEA cable on February 9, 2008, at 18:00 GMT, a day ahead of the schedule.
- The cable cut was reported at 08:00 GMT on January 30, 2008, around 8.3 kilometers away from Alexandria cable landing station between Egypt-Italy segment.

Cut # 2: FALCON Cable restored between Dubai (UAE) and Al SEEB (Oman)
- The crew completed the repair on the FALCON cable on February 10, 2008, at 10:00 GMT.
- The cable cut was reported at 05:59 GMT on February 1, 2008, around 56 kilometers from Dubai, UAE on segment between UAE and Oman.
Best regards...

Khaled A.