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Buzz Out Loud 662: HD DVD dies, kills Blu-ray?

We explore the intriguing hypothesis that if the format war ends, nobody will care about the winner.

Follow my logic here. The only thing keeping you interested in high-def DVDs might be the format war. What if a war ends and nobody cares? Plus, we predict winners in the console war, and we get a turtle named after us! Yay for turtles!


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Gil from San Diego
Apple TV issues.

Joseph from Atlanta
Halle Berry as Storm.

LOL iPhone
Hey Buzz crew,

First, I wanted to thank Tom for mentioning the CNET iPhone page. It's now in my iPhone bookmarks. Second, I've included a link about LOLing that sums up my thoughts on it perfectly. My suggestion to all the Buzzfans out there is that every time you type LOL and aren't actually LOLing, make your LOL a link to the video. It'll be sort of like Rickrolling people. Maybe we can call it LOLrolling. Anyway, love the show.

Sorensilk (the CoinStar hacker)
Austin, Texas

LOL vs. LOI--Part deux
Hey you guys,

My friends and I use LOL when we are truly laughing out loud. We use COL when we are chuckling out loud. And we now use LOI thanks to Buzz Out Loud. I think COL is a very worthy addition to the LOL/LOI lexicon because there are a lot of times when one is not actually laughing out loud nor is one just laughing on the inside. I think that place in between those two worlds is well served by the ol' COL. Whaddaya think?

Fordeaux (I am feeling international today so I've been using the French spelling of my name all day. It feels right.)

P.S. Molly, I have seen some good movies lately! Saw Juno the other day. L-o-v-e-d spells loved it! I think if we ever need to rent out our third bedroom, we could totally rent it out to Juno. Or Ellen Page. Either would be a worthy and welcome addition to our very fun and funny household. That cheeseburger phone of Juno's isn't really very techie but it's retro and cool so I think it can come to live with us too.

Please, for the love of all that is good and true
Hi guys,

Just for the record, I don't support the idea of you changing the name of the show to BOI--Buzz On the Inside. I for one frequently listen to the show on a hi-fi, and therefore out loud. While many people probably do hear Buzz "on the inside," this is only because of the nature of headphones, and I don't think it's a good enough reason to change the name of a show.

But with 'LOI' in mind, maybe we could consider changing ROFL to something a bit less misleading, since I don't believe anyone ever hears anything over IM that prompts them to get out of their chair, lay down on the floor and roll around like they're on fire. Anyone who does this shouldn't be allowed on the Internet anyway.


Apple TV rentals
Just wondering what all the fuss is about with the 24-hour limit on the rentals. Comcast does the same thing on their movie rentals, a friend of mine says her online rental service has the same terms. Is it that people expect Apple to strike a better deal than everyone else, or are people just nit-picking because it's Apple? I don't own an Apple TV yet, and I don't rent movies from Comcast even though I have their digital cable. I prefer to buy the movies I like.


Instant MP3s of the show you just saw
Vijay went to a concert last night at Madison Square Garden, and saw the future of music sales, and it was good. (Full disclosure: The concert was Matchbox Twenty. And Alanis Morissette opened. So, it felt like 1997.)

At the booth right where they sell t-shirts and such, there was a big sign that said something like "Take the concert home...tonight." It worked like this:

1) Pay $35 before the show, and get a ticket.
2) Watch the concert.
3) After the concert, redeem the ticket for a 256MB USB flash drive wristband. On the flash drive: the concert we had all just seen (Note: This was only available for the Matchbox Twenty part of the show.)

I (Vijay) decided to give it try. The only problem was that I had to wait in a big pushy mob for about 20 minutes before the first batches of wristbands emerged. But the key is this: There was a big pushy mob. People were willing to shell out a lot of cash ($35!) to get their content, direct from the artist.

And the kicker: it was un-DRM'd 128Kbps MP3 format. They even broke the songs into different tracks, making it dummy-proof. Heck, the concert is already on Vijay's iPod.

And for the crazy fan, you can go online and buy the official wristband for any of the tour's shows.

As far as we can tell, this is the first big-name band to do something like this. Judging from the crowd, it seemed successful. Soderburgh may have failed in his experiment with instant DVD gratification at the theater, but just-in-time concert albums make a lot of sense. And lots of people paid for un-DRM'd MP3s. And the label got no money. Take that, RIAA.

As always, keep on buzzing!

Vijay & Mo
The boys from Boston

Buzz the sea turtle
Sorry about this. I tried to call in using a satellite phone right after attaching a satellite tag to a leatherback sea turtle in Gabon, but it did not seem to want to connect to your 1-800 number. So I recorded an audio message instead. Attached as a QuickTime movie file.

In short, I would like to name one of the turtles we tagged in honor of BOL helping to save me from utter boredom at a remote field camp. All of the turtles will be tracked live online at this site. Not much to see yet, but we will fill it out with information, pictures, and video and soon as we get back to broadband speeds in a few days.

And I've been twittering a bit of the trip.