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Buzz Out Loud 636: New rule: Press "record"

You'll get most of a really great podcast today, just not quite ... all of it. First day of CES jitters.

You'll get most of a really great podcast today, just not quite...all of it. First day of CES jitters mean we sort of lost the first 10 minutes or so of today's podcast, but that's OK--it gets really good after that. Trust us. .. and no, Jason didn't do it!


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HD war better not be over
I cannot believe, for one second, that Blu-Ray has won. HD DVD is so much better. I have seen screenshots of a first-gen Blu-Ray player displaying an error message that it cannot play the disc. That's what Sony does. They don't standardize anything on the first release, so in a year they can say "Hey, we have new features on our discs, and oh, by the way, now you have to buy a new player." HD DVD has not, and as far as I believe, will never do that. They just offer firmware upgrades for the players (which I have already successfully done). I hope that Blu- Ray doesn't win and that people come to their senses.

HD DVD is so much better.

Kevin (slonkak)

Toshiba 'disappointed' over Warner Bros. decision.

Problem with Amazon
Hi. Michael from Saranac Lake, N.Y. w/a comment on the problem w/Amazon MP3. I've written to Amazon and I'll let you know if I get a response.

1) No way to create an "allowance" for children

In order too use Amazon MP3, you have to have an account w/a valid credit card and you have to use 1-click. You can't even use gift certificates without having an account tied to a credit card.

Right now, my two teens get a $10/month allowance at iTunes. I and they would much rather have high quality DRM free music but Amazon does not make that possible without me giving them complete access to my Amazon account and credit card.

Believe me, after burning numerous CDs to use the analog hole just so the kids can put their music on their Sony Walkman phones, we'd like an Amazon MP3 solution.


Vote for People's Voice

Thousands of products make their debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show. CNET editors have made their selections of the hottest gadgets for 2008 and narrowed it down to just 30 products. You have a chance to cast your vote for the product that you think will be the most- talked about. Vote online at or send a text message with the nominee number to CNET1 (26381). You can find the nominee numbers at or on your mobile device at

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