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Buzz Out Loud 1487: What, you don't Beluga? (Podcast)

Carriers are freaking out because they might not be able to keep charging you exorbitant rates to send tiny little data bits over the same network all the other data goes over--i.e., texting is dead. Hurry up and die, texting. Also, how Windows Phone 7 might catch up to iPhone by 2015 (we're skeptical) and why not to tag yourself in 250 pictures of you and your ex girlfriend. We'd have thought the answer was obvious.

Carriers are freaking out because they might not be able to keep charging you exorbitant rates to send tiny little data bits over the same network all the other data goes over--i.e., texting is dead. Hurry up and die, texting. Also, how Windows Phone 7 might catch up to iPhone by 2015 (we're skeptical) and why not to tag yourself in 250 pictures of you and your ex-girlfriend. We'd have thought the answer was obvious.

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Google may have developed Android rival to BBM, iMessage

Carriers Sweat as Texting Cools Off

IDC predicts WP7 to overtake iPhone by 2015

Are WP7 phones getting buried at retail?

Apple pilfers rips off student’s rejected iPhone app

Apple enters the fray against Lodsys, files motion to intervene

Apple’s iTunes in iCloud ‘won’t launch in the UK this year’

Spain Detains 3 in PlayStation Cyberattacks

Judge furious at "inexcusable" P2P lawyering, nukes subpoenas

Miyamoto: Only one touch-screen controller per Wii U console

Quick Hits

Popular Les Paul Google Doodle Lives Another Day,2817,2386706,00.asp

Duke Nukem Forever is out! (Outside the U.S., anyway)

IPv6 Day: Success or non-event?

Pandora Ups Price Of IPO To $10 To $12 Per Share, Now Valued At $1.9 Billion

Great news: Promoted Trends on Twitter now cost only $120,000 per day!

Chromebooks Go On Sale - Finally!

Science News

Heartbreaker: Major setback in quest for “God particle”

Happy Ending

Congress Members Produce 30% Fewer Tweets After Weinergate [INFOGRAPHIC]


Hi Buzz crew,

While I certainly won’t defend the school district for spying on students and taking their picture without their knowledge, there is a very simple course of action that the students receiving laptops could have taken to protect themselves:


Even on my personal laptop, unless I’m actively using my webcam, I always leave it covered with a tiny post-it note square, guaranteeing that it can’t take my picture unless I want it to. Sometimes, the best hacks are the simple ones.

Love the show!


Dear Buzz Crew
I have a PlayStation 3 and tried to get my free games the other day. I made my selections and tried downloading them, only to get a massage that said “”content not available “”. I figured the servers were busy so I tried it again the next day. When I went back to select the games again, it would no longer let me download the games. It was bad enough what happened but to screw me out of my free games is the last straw. I will never buy another Sony product again and I will only keep the PS3 around to play uncharted and Little Big Planet. I’m going out after work to pick up a new Xbox 360.

You guys rock!
Terry from Ohio


Hey Buzzcrew,

I was watching episode 1486 and saw Molly mention Bitcorn. Well it looks like Molly and Donald have already begun work on the project and they actually have a web site:

Look for Bitcorn in the next update of Farmville, and Molly, make sure you take some Bitcorn with you to the bunker along with your chicken and Gaga.

Love the show,
djflux in the chatroom



Cisco Francisco has another nerdy roomate computer love update

Hey Buzz Crew

It’s Alex from Toledo here, and I’ve got a computer love question for you. So I just broke up with my girlfriend (lets call her becky) over the weekend. Early on in that relationship she made me un-tag myself in every facebook photo i had with my previous ex-girlfriend(lets call her amy). I suppose that would seem like a red flag, but in beckys defense about 250 of my 300 facebook photos were of me and amy in various overly cute poses. But now that the becky and I have parted ways, ive been considering retagging myself in those photos of me and amy. any idea what the protocol is on that? dont get me wrong, i have no interest in getting back together with amy, but i remember the relationship with amy was 4 years of my life that i remember very fondly. thanks guys let me know what you think! later!


Ten years ago I was freshly divorced and looking for love. Based on my experience, this is my guide to finding geek love:

1. Get Real. I had a couple of internet dates, and while my wife and I met in real life, we did most of our early flirtation via email. The problem with that is that I did a very plausible online impression of someone with his life in gear, but in real life I was much more messed up. Also, my conversational style has been compared unfavorably to drinking from a firehose. You really have to meet me in person to realize how annoying this can be. But I found someone who kind of likes it.

2. Hope for Failure. If you are listening to this show, then you are a geek. And the percentage of the general population who will intentionally date a geek is probably in the low teens. Add to that your own criteria (weight, height, hair color, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, has a job, bathes) and your pool starts shrinking. This is not a bug, it’s a feature. A bad date or a rejected pickup is not a disaster, it’s just another iteration in your own personal sorting algorithm.

3. Define Success. I knew I was in love because my happiness had become contingent on hers, and when I was with her, I was a better version of myself than when I wasn’t. Of course, I’m kind of an idiot, so it took me a long time after falling in love to even realize that it had happened. I almost drew charts, but even I recognized that would be a bit much. Instead, I proposed. Ineptly. But she said yes anyway.

We’ve been married 5 years. We have a 4 month old who just outgrew his first Star Wars onesie and a three year old who starts most of her sentences with “”Well actually…”" Love is good.

Love the show,

Mike the Grammar Geek


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