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Buzz Out Loud 1315: Galaxy Tab does a tech striptease

On today's show, we bid an only slightly passive-aggressive farewell to Jason Howell on his last day here at CNET. Jerk. Love you, babe! Also, we're beret without the Bookface, Netflix apologizes for rightly calling Americans self-absorbed, and did you really think the Apple TV was going to ship on time? --Molly

On today's show, we bid an only slightly passive-aggressive farewell to Jason Howell on his last day here at CNET. Jerk. Love you, babe! Also, we're beret without the Bookface, Netflix apologizes for rightly calling Americans self-absorbed, and did you really think the Apple TV was going to ship on time? --Molly

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Twitter and Email farewells for Jason
And a toast…

E-Mails that didn't make it into the show

i would have done this on twitter, but the school blocks that here. Jason thanks for all the laughs on BOL,Android Atlas, and Gadgettes. You will be missed by everyone.


You've done an amazing job over the past years. From Gadgettes to BOL, it was all great. Your leaving is not only hurting all those who listen to the show, but those who have ever entered #cnetfans as well. With a chat server filled with 600-1000 people, the one thing TWiT lacks is a community as deep as CNET's. You knew how to keep the community in mind while still keeping the production of the shows at their best. For the times you took a vacation or a break of some kind, it was obvious that you weren't producing the shows. The work you've put into everything has not gone unnoticed. Whoever is filling your spot, has large shoes to fill. I am sure whoever is filling your spot will do well.
With all that said, I am sure you are very excited. Good luck to you and your future endeavors. I wish you the best. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for all the work you put in. It really is hard to see you go.


(Chris Kourmoulakis)


I wish you the best at TWIT. I know you will be great as producer at TWIT. One door closes and another door opens big.

Best wishes,
Emery Walker


Nooooo! Say it isn’t so.

Howell. Howell! Come back, Howell!

– Ken from Chicago


Here’s why it’s ok (for the listeners/viewers, maybe not for you guys) that Jason is leaving.

When Tom announced his departure I cried out in agony. But we got Tom on Tech News Today, so we didn’t really lose him AND we got more of Rafe on BOL! then we got Daren Kitchen too, who’s awesome!

From our perspective, CNET appears to have an endless supply of fantastic hosts, so when Jason leaves, I’m sure you’ll have even more excellent people to entertain and inform us.

Oh, and lots more Brian Cooley would be good.

Good luck Jason, glad we’ll still hear you on the TWIT network,

Allison Sheridan


It was great having u on the pod for so long. All the best for the future at twit. I will keep loving Bol no matter what, but it wont be the same withoutcha!

Good luck!

Alessandro Zuniga


Greetings Buzz crew,
As we are all aware,
Jason will be bidding us farewell,
Bound for opportunities of galore and greatness,
He must yet bid a farewell tinged with sadness,
Master of the tri-caster,
Special effect savant,
Close personal friend,
Talented co-worker,
and towering giant,
We bid you adieu,
May you continue to prosper,
and be successful in all your endeavors,
We will miss you,
Jason “Raygun01″ Howell
As a parting gift, I have compiled (w/the help of some chatroomers) all of the BOL remixes into a single comprehensive album at Bandcamp or at (Part1 & Part2) for your downloading pleasure and so that you may remember all your devoted fans from this and other cnet shows. We will miss you greatly, but look forward to seeing you at your new job:)
P.S. Feel free to share these links with the Buzz army, but the remix album at Bandcamp has limited free DLs, 500 or so:(


Buzz crew,

I started watching the podcast live a few months ago around the infamous “antennagate” scandal. When I heard that Jason was leaving, I experienced the Kübler-Ross model of grief. At first, I couldn’t believe you were leaving (denial). Second, I became angry crying out, “It’s your loss Jason. Your mac pro died because you are leaving BOL!” Third, I bargained – “Maybe he will guest produce once in awhile.” Fourth, I got the blues (depression) -”Why even watch BOL? There won’t be awesome laser transitions and follow us on twitter logos on the bottom right of the screen.” Finally, I accepted it -”You are good raygun01. Too good. And you deserve this new gig.”

Best of luck



Hey Jason,

I’ve been watching/listening to Buzz Out Loud (and other CNET shows) for about 3-4 years now. And when I realize that you’ve made almost every single one of them, I think for myself how lucky the CNET crew has been with a workforce like you. You’d always do your best for a great show, and to see that you put all your efforts in the compilation episodes, holiday specials, and just the “normal” (cough cough) episodes (but what episode was normal? :)), makes me very happy that someone like you exists.

Thanks for everything you did, the great laughs, the funny commentary, all those great moments, and I wish you all the best at twit, and also with your career in making music.

Your Dutch friend,
Davey (klaas4)


Goodbye To Jason
Hello To Jason


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