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Buzz Out Loud 1276: Molly moves to Comic-Con (podcast)

BOL co-founder Molly Wood discovers "her people" in San Diego. Also, we're actually talking about white iPhones. How'd that happen? And Mama's taking our Kodachrome away.

BOL co-founder Molly Wood discovers "her people" in San Diego. Also, we're actually talking about white iPhones. How'd that happen? And Mama's taking our Kodachrome away.


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Molly Wood's update from Comic-Con!

Apple: White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Later This Year Due To Manufacturing Challenges

LG unable to meet Apple's iPad display demand

iPhone to T-Mobile

Free bumper program - there's an app for that

Microsoft reports $16 billion in revenue

Windows 7 Momentum Continues: 175 Million Licenses Sold

Microsoft STILL Burning Hundreds Of Millions Online

Amazon Mobile Sales Topped $1 Billion In Past 12 Months

Flipboard: A startup's first bad day or success?

Is Flipboard Legal?

Web host to return Blogetery's blogs

WebOS 2.0 Coming Later This Year, HP's Windows 7 Slate To Be An Enterprise Product

New Microsoft, ARM licensing agreement; Could a Windows Phone tablet be coming?

LIfe in a Day

Last Kodachrome roll processed in Parsons

Kodak winds last rolls of Kodachrome

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show:
Jan Neland!

Voicemail (800-616-2638)
Carl on OS ads

Anonymous 3D guy

Email (
In episode 1274 Jason mentioned that it would be cool when we have surface to surface laser in response to the story about the new plane blasting laser from Raytheon. It probably wouldn't be cool if you did have surface to surface laser since normally light travels in a straight line. Without the help of a conveniently placed black hole the laser beam isn't curving back down like a missile would. If you did have a black hole handy, both you and your target are pretty much screwed. Well you could bounce it off a mirror, if you just happened to have a mirror in the right spot at the right time. -Donnie Darko


This weakens the fist pump for Canada a bit.



Until recently every time I heard Rafe talking talking about getting hacked, or stealing codes, I constantly thought, ""I don't care, that couldn't possibly, happen to me"" and then I was playing World of Warcraft and someone sent me a message saying I would get into the Cataclysm Beta if I went to the site. So, since I was kind of bored I went to the site (even though I doubted I would actually do anything there) and it looked EXACTLY like the login for WoW, so like any other stupid little puppet I entered my info and logged in, and then, moments after, realized it was most probably the stupid thing I had ever in any way, done. And now I understand that Rafe isn't an insanely paranoid nerd, he is a justifiably paranoid nerd.

P.S. thanks for the laughs keep it up buzz peeps. (for the horde)


Blackberry results!

Fri: What alternative (and clean) use of the iPhone 4 bumper can you dream up?

  • Joshua Caleb: Pacifier - that's why Steve Jobs gave them out, to shut people up!
  • Grant: Combine it with ballpoint pen, gum and paper clip to fix a broken engine, like McGyver
  • Founder and Owner of Jayce Inc: Get a Blackberry and you don't need a bumper! Duh!

Mon: What is your alternate use for the pain ray? "Simon O: A new drying section at the car wash

  • Tighe S: Make a bowl of popcorn!

  • Gigi G: How about using it in front of malls and stores to keep the smokers away!

  • Joshua Caleb: Attach to front of car for winter driving - burn off the ice on the road!

Tue: What is the strangest place you would expect to find a Horton Plains Slender Loris?

  • Mario: A Loris... in a Taurus.
  • Jennifer: I am sure they have those at IKEA. They have everything.

Wed: What is your favorite functionality cheat, or cheat code?

  • Arcgore: Who can forget Contra: u-u-d-d-l-r-l-r-b-a-select-start
  • Andrew P: Hold the reset switch at the same time when powering up your Atari 2600 and you will be invisible on Space Invaders

  • Terrence: Hot Coffee mod on GTA.

Thur: If you could give a robot one specific ability or talent, what would it be?

  • Dan: Robo Romeo - make the reobopocalypse uch more enticing.
  • Shari: I would give the robot the abili8ty to handle recess duty with kindergartners... esp when its 10 degrees outside and nobody knows how to zip a coat!


Send us a comment via Blackberry Messenger. Our PIN # is 24523C65. Best guess: What was the last pic taken on Kodachrome?