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Buying a 747 or 787 Dreamliner? You'll get it here

Boeing has broken ground on its Everett Delivery Center, a modern center where airlines picking up their new jumbo jets can come for the hand-off of their new plane.

The new Everett Delivery Center, where Boeing will hand off most of its new airplanes starting next year. Boeing

When your products cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, you probably want to give your customers the best possible buying experience.

Since the 1960s, airlines and others buying a brand-new Boeing airplane have picked up the 747, 757, 787 Dreamliner, and other models from the aviation giant's 60,000-square-foot Everett Delivery Center. But now, Boeing is building an all-new version of the facility (see video above), an 180,000-square-foot cathedral for picking up new airplanes that is expected to open some time next year.

When Boeing finishes building one of its well-known planes, it is towed to the delivery center, where crews work on final preparations like painting and fueling it up, running an engine test, a flight test, and customer acceptance. Boeing also uses the delivery center for a slew of other functions.

Buyers of cars like BMW and Porsche should recognize the idea of a delivery center--after all, thousands of buyers of both of those companies' cars make it to their centers in Germany each year to pick up their brand-new vehicles. The idea here is much the same, except that the vehicle is a bit bigger and costs a bit more.

An artist's rendering of the east view of the Everett Delivery Center, from above. Boeing