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Buy Spock's uniform, Fizzgig and a Dalek at massive sci-fi auction

An original '60s Spock costume goes up for bid alongside a treasure trove of sci-fi and fantasy movie and television artifacts.

This rare Spock costume could be yours. Prop Store

Alex's purple suede and snakeskin coat from a "Clockwork Orange." Leonard Nimoy's Spock uniform from the original "Star Trek" series. The hyperactive fuzzy Fizzgig from "The Dark Crystal."

These geeky treasures highlight an eclectic upcoming auction full of gear, costumes and props from some of history's greatest sci-fi and fantasy films and series.

The bidding -- set for September 23, though online pre-bids are already open -- will be run by auction company Prop Store and the whole catalog of more than 450 lots is said to be worth over $1.5 million. "Battlestar Galactica" (both original and reboot), "Blade Runner," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Superman" are all represented.

One of the top highlights is a Mr. Spock costume worn by Leonard Nimoy in the second season of the original "Star Trek." The blue velour top is matched to the episodes "The Ultimate Computer" and "The Omega Glory." It comes with black pants with "Nimoy" written inside and is expected to bring between $77,000 (£50,000, AU$107,000) and $108,000 (£70,000, AU$150,000).

A fiberglass chair from the bridge of the USS Enterprise and Uhura's red velour uniform are also up for bidding. A Starfleet patch covers the top of a hidden zipper that runs up the front of the costume, just in case you're looking for clues to making your own replica.

"Star Wars" fans will salivate over a Death Star surface panel from 1977, a Stormtrooper blaster and a Stormtrooper helmet from "The Empire Strikes Back." The helmet could fetch as much as $92,000 (£60,000, AU$129,000). It's made from vacuum-formed plastic with green acrylic lenses for eye pieces.

A whole slew of "Back to the Future" props are on offer, including a prototype Hill Valley High School letterman jacket, a torn phone book page with Doc Brown's contact information and a plutonium fuel cell. One of the cooler items is "Grays Sports Almanac," which helped Biff Tannen see future sports scores and make his fortune.

Not everything is expected to go for a crazy-expensive price. Some lower-cost lots include a knight's helmet from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," a wrench used by Bruce Willis in the asteroid-scare movie "Armageddon" and a production-used screenplay for the 1989 "Batman" movie starring Michael Keaton.

The auction takes place in London on September 23. Online pre-bids are open now, but those with their eyes on a Rocketeer helmet or Witch King's dagger can also participate in the live bidding. A preview exhibition of select lots will be open to the public starting on September 9 at the British Film Institute IMAX theater in London. It will be a rare opportunity to view some seminal props and costumes.

If you have enough money and the inclination, you can bid in the auction and perhaps take home a velociraptor claw puppet from "Jurassic Park" or a unicorn horn from "Legend," which will look great with that wearable Ewok face you also bought.