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Buy one Turtle Shell 2.0 outdoor speaker, get one free

From the Cheapskate: It's a BOGO! This rugged, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker pumps up the jams when you're living it up outside and comes in your choice of colors. Plus a 99-cent glass screen protector!

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If you like geometric shapes, you'll love the Turtle Shell 2.0. Especially when they're two for the price of one.

Outdoor Tech

Still looking for a gift for your favorite dad or grad? How about two birds, one stone? Or, in this case: two gifts, one deal.

For a limited time, Outdoor Tech is offering two Turtle Shell 2.0 Bluetooth speakers for $79.95 shipped. (Coupon code CNETTURTLE2 should be automatically applied at checkout.) They're available in five colors, and the pair you pick doesn't have to be the same color -- you'll get the BOGO discount whichever two speakers end up in your cart.

If you like geometric shapes, you'll love the Turtle Shell 2.0. Especially when they're two for the price of one.

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, this one is designed to join you outdoors. For starters, it's rechargeable, and good for an impressive 16 hours of play time.

Furthermore, it's IP65-rated dustproof and water-resistant. That means it won't just survive splashes by the pool, but also rainstorms when you invariably forget to bring it inside. That's pretty cool.

The Turtle Shell also has a microphone so you can use it to make and take calls. So when you're out back manning the grill and one of your party guests needs directions, you can talk to them hands-free.

However, although these are being sold as a pair, you can't link them together for a true-stereo listening experience. What's more, you can pair only one device at a time. And that's a shame. We're living in an age when all Bluetooth gizmos (speakers, headphones, etc.) should support at least two. Because convenience!

CNET hasn't reviewed the speaker, but over at Amazon -- where it's $73.99 just for one (scoff)-- the user reviews average out to 4 stars (out of 5).

Obviously there are tons of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but a very small subset can withstand water. The Turtle Shell 2.0 originally listed for $129.95, so getting two for $80 feels like a sweet deal indeed.

Bonus deal: One drop. One drop is all it takes to shatter your iPhone's screen and ruin your day. Even if it's in a case, if it lands just so -- crack. Luckily, a screen protector can help absorb any such shock and hopefully do the cracking while leaving the screen itself unharmed. While supplies last, that kind of protection doesn't get any cheaper: You can get a Kabb iPhone 6/6s tempered-glass screen protector for 99 cents or the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus version for 99 cents. Just apply coupon code 3RJ9Z463 at checkout. Update: Cheeps, I goofed! This deal was supposed to be for tomorrow so the code is not yet active. My apologies!

Shipping is free for Amazon Prime subscribers. Both versions come with an alcohol prep pad and cleaning cloth, important for successful application. I don't let anyone in my family walk around with an unprotected screen. Just saying.