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Buy Griff's 'Back to the Future' hoverboard for $13,000

Get your feet on the big bad bully's hoverboard from "Back to the Future Part II." The prop is black, red, pointy, and plenty expensive.

Griff's hoverboard
Alas, the price does not include hovering capabilities. Hollywood Parts

Griff Tannen was a prototypical bully, he just happened to be in the future so he had advanced bullying tools at his disposal. Those implements included bionic implants and a "Pit Bull" hoverboard, which you can now buy on eBay.

In "Back to the Future Part II," Marty McFly rocked a good-guy hoverboard done up in friendly pink, green, and yellow colors. Griff's hoverboard, though, was the Darth Vader to McFly's Luke Skywalker. It was black and red and spiky all over with what looked like two little booster rockets below.

If you have $12,995 and nothing better to do with it, you can buy Griff's original prototype hoverboard from eBay seller cinemastuff818 (more formally known as Hollywood Parts), which describes itself as a prop tracking, rental, and sale company. It comes with authentic minor dents and paint scratches, but is missing the rear foot pad. The seller says this particular board wasn't actually used on camera, but it was the original prototype for the board that was featured on-screen.

The seller has 100 percent positive eBay feedback and the hoverboard looks legit, but it's good to keep in mind that the business of buying movie props online is a buyer-beware market. Hollywood Parts says that it got the board from a designer who worked on the movie. There are no returns. You may want to check into the background a bit before plunking down thousands to make it your own.

The 36-inch board is made from wood, resin, and metal, and has a particularly enjoyable rendition of a snarling pit bill on the top. The auction description helpfully notes that it is "extremely rare." Let's just say there's a good chance you'll be the only person carrying this under your arm at your next Halloween party.

You'll be carrying it under your arm because, regrettably, it does not actually hover. For $13,000, you might expect at least a little hovering, but you will be out of luck. That price tag makes it a bit of a hard sell. So far, there have been 10 offers from prospective buyers on eBay, but none have yet been accepted.

Griff's hoverboard
It has rocket blasters. Hollywood Parts

(Via Geekologie)