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Buy a Pong arcade machine, stay single

Full-size arcade model suitable only for the bachelor pad.


As hard as it might be to imagine today, a simple game like Pong once required a machine as big as phone booth to play (which may or may not make sense, depending on whether you remember what a phone booth looks like). Even more amazing is that there's at least one of still around for sale.

Up for auction on eBay is a 1970s-vintage Atari original, which was made by SYZYGY, as every schoolboy knows. It even has fairly low miles--around 12,000 plays--considering its age, according to Technabob.

The bidding, which opened at $1.20, stood at $375 as of this writing. That's chump change compared with a $6,650 modern game table that might be more spouse-friendly. But that doesn't include the divorce lawyer's fees.