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Buy a Peek, get another Peek free

This e-mail-only device has won the hearts and souls of users everywhere. Here's your chance to get two for the price of one from Amazon. Keep the monthly fees in mind, though.

The Peek is like a BlackBerry without the phone. It's built for one function only: e-mail. And right now, Amazon is offering a pretty sweet two-for-one deal: Buy one Peek for $79.99 and get a second one free.

Keep in mind that you'll have to pay $19.95 per month, per unit, for service, but at least there's no contract; you can cancel anytime you want. Doing so would leave you with a fairly useless chunk of hardware--two chunks, actually--but there you go.

Actually, that's a big part of the Peek's appeal. Another is that it's way cheaper than most smartphones for folks who just want e-mail on the go (and even around the house). Plus, it's significantly less complicated than, say, a BlackBerry.

Would I buy one? Heavens, no. But I'm not the target audience for this gizmo. And I can't argue with the glowing user reviews on CNET and Amazon.

As with Netbooks, people just seem to love this thing--logic be damned! The twofer deal probably won't last long, so if you want in, act fast.