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Buy a Nintendo Wii for £70 in Amazon's Black Friday deals week

Amazon's Black Friday starts on Monday, strangely, but the idea of getting 60 per cent off stuff from Amazon makes us very happy indeed. Even if we don't (and we don't) need anything new.

Amazon is hardly a company that over-charges at the best of times, but its latest promotion suggests bargain-hunters have slipped something in the company's water supply. Black Friday is a US tradition shops have of offering huge discounts just before Christmas, and this year it's coming to the UK. Black Friday starts on Monday 22 November, strangely, and promises big discounts.

Amazon says there will be over 200 deals on offer, including a Nintendo Wii for "over 60 per cent" off. If you apply that discount to Amazon's current selling price, you could buy a Wii for £56. That sounds unlikely, given Amazon already sells it for significantly less than the RRP. Apply the 60 per cent discount to the recommended price, though, and you still end up around the £70 mark, which is not to be sniffed at. The company also hints at Flip Mino HD camcorders for £64 and a multitude of other offers.

To find out exactly what you can snag cheap for Christmas, you can either visit the Amazon Black Friday website during the week of 22 November, subscribe to email updates, 'like' Amazon on Facebook or follow the company on Twitter. Either way, you're going to need to be fast, or they'll sell out before you've typed in your credit card number.

Apple brought Black Friday to the UK last year, and we have suspicions the same will be happening this year. Is this the start of an exciting new bargain culture in the UK? Let us know what you want to get for a massive discount in the comments below.