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Buy a $900 Porsche designed for a 5-year-old

Porsche offers what may be its cheapest car ever, except that it's pedal-powered and has a 110-pound weight limit.

Porsche go-kart
Not quite as well-equipped as a standard Porsche. Porsche

The 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid goes on sale for $99,000 later this year. Or you could save $98,100 and go even greener with a human-powered Porsche Go-Kart. Not satisfied with just tackling the adult sports car market, the automaker is trying to corner the kids' market too.

The go-kart comes in a spiffy combination of black and orange. It's missing some of the luxuries normally associated with Porsche vehicles, like a windshield, headlights, and an engine. It can only hold up to 110 pounds, meaning you need to be a very small adult or one of the kids the kart is actually aimed at to take it for a spin.

The company did use some of its big car technology to craft the small vehicle. The kart weighs just 55 pounds and uses bicycle parts for the drive components. The automaker attributes this light weight to a mysterious thing called "Porsche Intelligence Performance," a performance philosophy developed for its hybrid vehicles.

The Porsche Go-Kart will be available from some dealerships for $900. Since many of the world's most famous race car drivers got their starts with go-karts, perhaps the next generation of F1 stars will get jump-started by a cheap, absolutely no-frills Porsche.

(Via Luxury Launches)