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Buy 4 Tile Mate trackers for $35, get a free Google Home Mini

Any way you slice it, that's one hell of a bundle. Plus: Rent the Solo movie for just $3.


First things first: Yesterday's free-logo deal? Back in business. Apologies to those of you who went through the process of creating a logo and then discovered the code didn't work. It does now. (And, for the record, it did initially, because I tested it!)

Today I've got one of the weirder -- and better -- bundles I can recall. For less than the price of a smart speaker, you can get a smart speaker and four Tile trackers. Just put them on a keyring or in a bag and the Tile app will get them to make a noise. 

Check it out: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy is offering a free Google Home Mini with your purchase of a Tile Mate four-pack for $34.99. The Mini itself normally sells for $49. Update: Sadly, but unsurprisingly, this deal appears to be out of stock. Best Buy could release more inventory, so check back later. Fingers crossed!

As you'll see, you can actually choose from a variety of Tile four-packs, but they're all pricier than the Mates. I could make the case for the Pro/Style combo (two of each) for $75, as those models promise better range and louder alerts, but I really think the sweet spot here is the $35 bundle.

Here's the bummer about current-gen Tiles, though: You can't replace their batteries, which should last you about a year. Even though Tile's ReTile program will sell you a replacement for less than a new one, it's still kind of annoying. 

And, aha, Tile just announced new models that do have replaceable batteries! So these are effectively previous-gen Mates, which may explain the deal. Even so, my wife and daughter each have one, and they each find them incredibly useful. (Your mileage may vary.)

As for the Google Home Mini, read CNET's review if you somehow don't know what that's all about. 😉

Whether you keep some or all of these items for yourself or earmark them as gifts, this is a great bundle. Heck, you could probably turn around and resell the Mini for $35 and effectively own the Tiles for free.

Your thoughts?

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Bonus deal: I didn't see Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters, in part due to the meh reviews and in part because I generally dislike prequels. I figured I'd save myself some $50 in tickets and popcorn and just rent it sometime.

That time is now: Amazon Prime subscribers can rent Solo (HD) for $2.99. It's normally $5.99, and that's still the price pretty much everyplace else.

As with all rentals, you've got 30 days to start watching and then three days to finish once you start. You can watch the movie on pretty much every device known to man (even Apple TV).

If you've already seen Solo, what did you think? Worth the time? Or just two hours of bantha poodoo?

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