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Buy 1,950 'Star Wars' action figures in one fell swoop on eBay

Is it possible to have too many "Star Wars" action figures? Not if you're willing to buy 1,950 of them in one lot on eBay.

"Star Wars" action figure auction
These are just a fraction of the action figures in the auction. ranchoobiwan

Happening now, in a galaxy in which you are in... It is a period of online commerce. Action figures, arising from an auction, will be won by a top bidder in a first victory against the Galactic eBaypire.

You may have some "Star Wars" action figures left over from childhood. You may even have a bookshelf full of figures. You probably don't have 1,950 of them, but eBay seller ranchoobiwan does. You can buy them if you're brave enough to jump into the auction fray.

The loose figures range from vintage collectibles from 1978 all the way through toys manufactured in 2011. Most still have their original accessories. Money raised from the sale will go to support Rancho Obi-Wan, a nonprofit museum dedicated to "Star Wars" memorabilia.

Browsing through the list of figures, you'll find Han Solo in a trench coat, Walrus Man with loose joints, a complete set of vintage Ewoks, and tons of modern figures like Red Darth Sidious and Jar Jar in Carbonite (where he belongs).

The auction has reached $7,800 with about six days to go. It's taken 42 bids to get up that high, with more room to grow.

Before you lay out a huge investment to acquire this collection, you'll want to read the fine print. The display cases are not included. Neither is any furniture, droid parts, or ships. There are no returns, so there's nothing you can do about buyer's remorse other than drown your sorrows in a huge pile of "Star Wars" action figures. Enjoy!

(Via Nerd Approved)