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Butterfly iPod dock takes flight

An iPod docking station that supports all versions of the iPod takes the shape of a butterfly.


I don't know why, but somehow I can't resist butterflies (or puppies, teddy bears, or anything pink). For this reason, even though I don't have an iPod, I think the new iPod dock from Vestalife is cool.

It's called, well, the Butterfly, and it sports interchangeable colored faceplates shaped somewhat like a butterfly. The Butterfly runs on either four AA batteries (not included) or AC. When plugged in, it can charge the iPod too.

You can also connect the Butterfly to a computer via USB so you can sync the iPod. Apart from the built-in speaker, the unit also features an audio/video output jack in case you want to play music to a different audio/video device.

Other features include:

  • Universal dock for iPod
  • Compatibility with all docking iPods
  • Digital amplifier technology
  • Battery-saving automatic shut-off
  • Auxiliary-in jack to connect non-docking iPod, CD players, and other MP3 players
  • LED volume indicators
  • 3.5mm aux input
  • Includes dock connectors for iPod mini, iPod nano (first generation), iPod nano (second generation) and iPod with color display

The Butterfly is available now for $100. Technically, it doesn't seem worth it, but hey, it's The Butterfly and it's got colorful interchangeable faceplates!