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<b>Utility updates

Utility updates

Jeremy's Control Strip Modules Release 1.7.3 fixes a resizing bug in the Temperature CSM.

GoMac version 1.4.4 has several bug fixes. For example, it now displays the Program Bar only if the Finder is running and Myth no longer crashes at startup.

The previously promised 9.4 driver for the HP DeskWriter 600 series is now out. (Thanks, Version Tracker)

New versions coming?

FinderPop Alexander Mlawsky writes: "There is still a conflict with FinderPop 1.5.3. The system freezes after just few tries of "Arrange menu." Version 1.5f7 works just fine. As this program is being updated almost daily, I expect a new version any day.

Quicken 98 David Balin claims that Intuit told him that they are working on an update for Quicken 98. It will likely out by the end of December.