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Business is business

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Microsoft's message for AMD":

The Apple comparison is an excellent one, but using an example from chip history would be better. In 1992, Digital had the 64-bit Alpha chip with a clock speed of 200MHz. Two years later, in 1994, Intel was still playing catch-up with a 100MHz chip.

Having the best technology is great for bragging rights, but meaningless--other than for marketing---when it comes to business. If I build and sell computers (i.e. Apple), I want a vendor that is reliable and can supply me what I need, when I need it.

I love my Apple, but there is a good reason my next one won't be running on an IBM, Digital Alpha, or for that matter, an AMD chip. I root for underdogs on the sports field, but business is business. I want the best possible vendor helping me get my product to my customers.

As for Capellas' "had a gun to his head" comment, when someone tries to sell me something I don't want, I claim I can't buy it because my wife is holding a gun to my head. Gets me off the hook and lets the seller know our discussion is done.

Dane Nordine