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Business as usual in search market share

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have been ranked first, second, and third in Internet search market share since at least February 2004. That didn't change in September.


New month, same story: the Internet search market doesn't move very much.

Comscore released the latest data on search engine market share Wednesday, and stop me if you've heard this one before: Google has a commanding lead. It gained 0.3 percent to up its share of search queries to 64.9 percent in September, as compared with August. As usual, Yahoo and Microsoft trailed in the second and third positions.

Such has been the order in the U.S. search market since at least 2004, according to an old post on John Batelle's blog. The percentages have obviously changed--Google has doubled its share since 2004 at the expense of its rivals--but the rankings have not.

Microsoft's latest attempt to change that picture with the launch of Bing hasn't set the world on fire but is making some progress, according to the latest results. Bing's share increased slightly to 9.4 percent of the market in September, as compared with the 8 percent share that the former Live Search held in May, just before the Bing launch. Those gains have come at the expense of Yahoo, down from 20.1 percent of the market in May to 18.8 percent of the market in September.