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Burundi teens reported missing after robotics competition

DC police confirm the team of six disappeared after competing at the First Global International Robot Olympics.

A Burundi robotics team attending the First Global International Robot Olympics at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, has been reported as missing. 

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Six Burundi teenagers competing at the First Global International Robot Olympics in Washington, DC, were reported missing on Wednesday after disappearing from the event on Tuesday. 

The Metropolitan Police Department in DC confirmed in an email that Don Ingabire, age 16, and Audrey Mwamikazi, age 17, "were last seen leaving the US into Canada" and that there is nothing yet that suggests foul play. The other four teens are reportedly still in the United States. 

A Metropolitan Police representative said the investigation is ongoing.

The robotics competition attracted headlines earlier this month when Afghanistan's team of six girls was denied visas twice. President Donald Trump later intervened to find a way to permit the girls entry, according to reports.