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Burning the midnight oil in line for the PS3

These people crave it. They really do.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

WHASSUP, CRAVERS? Here in NYC it's the lovely hour of 1:30 AM, and yours truly just returned from an expedition to the SonyStyle store on Madison Avenue in midtown, also known (for the time being) as PlayStation 3 Central. We'll be covering the mayhem in full tomorrow morning here on Crave as well as at, but I'm going to leave you all with a little teaser.

Twenty-four hours to go until the PS3 launches, and what did I see? A line--the one in the picture. Yeah, this line of a dozen or so people. Looks pretty innocuous, right? Well, this is the line to the bathroom.

The actual line at the SonyStyle Manhattan store with 24 hours to go was more like 450 people. And I didn't even check in on the scene at the downtown hubs of Circuit City in Union Square and Best Buy in SoHo.

Stay tuned.